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Rural Economic Summit - President Obama links

Our Rural Economic Summit’s latest installment will take place this week from main street middle America.
President Barack Obama spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday this week in the midwest.

Here’s a little background on the trip to Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

Iowa Public Television aired the speech by the president in Ottumwa. Here’s the link to that speech.

We’ve got a Market to Market crew that has been at many of the stops this week and will bring those to you in this week’s edition of the show as part of our Rural Economic Summit.

The president touted wind energy’s ability to generate power and jobs while in Iowa. During a trip to Missouri, the president visited the world’s top producer of ethanol to see how process works. So how does alternative energy fuel the rural economy?

Check local listings for the airtime of Market to Market. You also will be able to view the program on our website.

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