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What are we talking about this week? #3547

The brains of the Market To Market crew just wrapped the weekly meeting for what will be in this week’s show.

There’s been one big topic in agriculture this week that spilled over into the mainstream press and it involved U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Shirley Sherrod.

For the President, this story overshadowed the bill signing of the Wall Street Reform bill.

We will look at the story from a wide context and perspective that you come to expect from journal of rural America.

Both of those stories will get some coverage in this week’s program.

Immigration is also in the news again this week as Arizona’s new law is getting many challenges. Here’s a story out off

What else will we look at this week? Check your local listings for airtimes, or visit our website to view the program.

KTWU originating out of Topeka will carry the program this week on Saturday at 2p and Sunday at 11:30 AM.

Are you only able view us on-line? Call your local public television station to request our program.

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Market to Market 3540 Links

What did the Secretary of Agriculture tell Mark Pearson about the future of E15? Click here to find out. More of Secretary Tom Vilsack’s comments will air this week on Market to Market.

What about the comments by Jeff Broin of POET? He talked with producer David Miller about the role alternative fuel play in filling demand. Click here to see his comments.

Sue Martin is a long-time analyst on the program. What were her thoughts about the corn and soybean markets. Is it time to buy or sell? Click here for the expanded market analysis. You can read the text or download it.

The entire show link is here.

Looking for past shows?
Past features?
Market analysis from six months ago?

All of these items can be found here.

We love hearing from you. Check out our Twitter stream for story updates during the week that we are following and may be in the running for topics this week. We are @MarketToMarket on Twitter.

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The future of E15 and shipping lanes

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said Friday that he expects an E15 blend will become reality for consumers and producers of the fuel additive. E15 is a blend of 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethanol. The USDA could help open the door to the new blend if the Environmental Protection Agency approves the new fuel mix.

No official announcement is scheduled, but Vilsack says the E15 policy change will likely happen this year.

Also on Friday, Vilsack said he doubts shipping lanes will be closed because of the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Those same shipping lanes were closed temporarily following Hurricane Katrina.

Friday’s comments were made in an extended interview between Market to Market host Mark Pearson and Secretary Vilsack in our studios.

***Update*** The official transcript is posted here now our website.

See parts of the interview in this week’s Market to Market broadcast. Check your local listings or watch online at

The entire interview will likely be posted next week on our website.

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Secretary Vilsack in-studio

The Secretary of Agriculture is coming for a visit to Market to Market. Tom Vilsack will be in-studio Friday afternoon. Vilsack ran for President in 2008 after completing his two terms as Iowa’s Governor.

There will be an interview with C-SPAN first in our studio with the Ag Secretary before for a visit with our host Mark Pearson.

Part of that interview will be seen in this week’s edition of Market to Market (3540).
The rest will be used for next week’s program (3541) and will eventually live on our website.

What questions should Mark ask the Secretary of Agriculture? What question about USDA policy should we discuss with Mr. Vilsack?

Drop them in the comment section below.

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