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How Is the Economic Downturn Affecting You and Your Community?

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Market to Market is examining the impact of the economic recession in rural America. In addition to weekly coverage, the effort culminates in four special road editions, called Rural Economic Summits.

Each Rural Economic Summit includes a background segment on economic challenges confronting that particular region, a case study of what is being done to lessen the recession’s impact, and a town hall discussion with a panel of experts.

Make Your Voice Heard!
A key element of each Rural Economic Summit is viewer interaction.  Specifically, we want to hear directly from people living and working through the recession.  Has your job or business seen an impact?  What specific steps are you taking to weather the economic storm?  What is your outlook for the next few years?  How is the economic downturn affecting you and your community? Use the comments form below to share your story.

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Health Insurance Reform

Several health insurance programs have been suggested by members of Congress from a single-payer plan to a cooperative-style program. What do you think would be the best way to make affordable health insurance available to rural America?

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How Will Cap-And-Trade Affect You?

A recent Iowa State University study shows cap-and-trade legislation could increase costs for Corn Belt farmers by $5 to $10 per acre. The American Farm Bureau Federation claims producers could pay as much as $33 per acre. How would this cost increase affect you if the measure becomes law?

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Should Animal I.D. Be Mandatory?

What do you think of USDA’s Animal I.D. program? Should it remain voluntary or should all U.S. animal producers be required to participate?

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ACRE Sign Up Experience

Have you signed up for the Average Crop Revenue Election program or ACRE? What was your experience like at the FSA office during sign-up?

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Health Insurance in Rural America

What do you think of the various health care insurance plans being proposed by the Obama Administration and the U. S. Congress?

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The the winter wheat harvest is rapidly approaching. What are the prospects for your crop?

Do you live in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, or the Dakotas? What’s happening in your field? Will you have enough of a crop to harvest? Let us know.

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Rain slows planting. What kind of progress are you making?

Has the wet weather slowed you down? What are doing while you wait? Drinking coffee? Last minute maintenance? Let us know.

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Dairy producers, how are you coping with low prices?

How have low bulk milk prices affected your operation?

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Market Factors And Planting

What has infludenced your planting decisions this year? Was the market slide a factor in your choice? Did you change crops to make sales at a nearby soy processing facility or ethanol plant?

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