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Time to write the new Farm Bill

It is hard to believe but work is already starting on the new 2012 Farm Bill.

Government officials, from congressional staff to lawmakers, are already heading out across the country to listening posts to hold hearings or forums to gain input for the next Farm Bill.

Last week, one was held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa. Market to Market producer Andrew Batt was there and will file a report this week on what is happening.

Alan Brugler will be our analyst this week. What should host Mark Pearson ask him? What are you wanting to know about the markets?

Were you in the field last weekend and missed our program as part of our Rural Economic Summit? We heard from President Obama as his visited Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

One visit was to Fort Madison and the wind energy blade manufacturer Siemens. Wind energy proponents say the operation is just one example of a rapidly growing industry that has the ability to generate both energy and jobs. You can watch that story by clicking here.

Also part of the president’s “White House to Main Street” tour was a visit to the POET Biorefining in Macon, Missouri. With 25 other plants scattered across seven states, the company’s 1,500 employees produce 1.6 billion gallons of renewable fuel annually, making POET, the world’s largest producer of ethanol. Here is the link to that story on POET.

See this weekend on Market to Market.

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Rural Economic Summit

The Market to Market crew is putting the final touches on tonight’s broadcast. They will be bringing you the Rural Economic Summit from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa.

It has been a busy week for the producers as they’ve traveled to Fort Madison and Ottumwa, Iowa. Plus Macon, Missouri to cover President Barack Obama’s White House to Main Street tour.

You can view the entire Ottumwa speech given by President Obama. Click on the video below. The first half is a speech, the second is Q and A.

This is the 3rd of four special “road editions” that we are producing this year. This time we’re focusing on alternative energy. Is it the commodity that will fuel an economic renaissance in rural America?

Wind energy is one of those components of the alternative energy economy. The president stopped in Ft. Madison to visit the Siemens Energy plant where wind turbine blades are produced.

Another part of the president’s midwest tour was a stop at POET’s biorefining facility in Macon, Missouri. POET is the world’s largest producer of ethanol with 1,500 employees, 1.6 billion gallons of fuel produced each year in 25 plants in 7 states.

Join us in discussing this program. Are the president’s ideas on track or does there need to be a different direction taken in jump-starting the economy?

Share your comments below.

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Special Rural Economic Summit features President Obama’s White House to Main Street Tour

On the third of four special “road editions,”  Market to Market covers President Obama’s White House to Main Street Tour as a special “Rural Economic Summit.

Obama’s tour stops at several Midwestern events aimed at strengthening the rural economy.

The first stop Tuesday will be at the Siemens Energy plant in  Ft. Madison, Iowa.  The facility produces massive 12-ton blades for the company’s 2.3 MW generators that each produce enough energy to power 600-700 homes.  Siemens Energy received a $3.5 million federal tax credit back in January. The Siemens plant is the second largest employer in Lee County providing about 600 jobs.  This event is open only to media.

Then, it’s on to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa –  home of Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack — in Mt. Pleasant.  Like the preceeding stop in Ft. Madison, this event is closed to the public.

A third stop is planned in Ottumwa, Iowa for a town hall meeting at Indian Hills Community College.   The President will make a speech and answer questions from the audience.

Iowa Public Television will televise the town hall meeting live on its IPTV World Channel or .3 if you’re viewing inside the state of  Iowa.  Outside the broadcast region, you can view the event at: The coverage is scheduled to begin around 4 p.m. CT.

The White House said Monday the Midwest tour is about the president talking and listening to small business owners, workers, everyday people living the challenges they face in recovery.  This post covers most of the highlights of the President’s tour the next two days.

Wednesday’s tour includes a stop in Macon, Missouri at the POET biorefinery.  Producing 1.6 billion gallons of renewable fuel annually, POET is the world’s largest producer of ethanol.   The president will also visit a farm near Quincy, Illinois.

The White House released a report Tuesday from the Council of Economic Advisers, outlining four policies the President is likely to address this week:

  • Growing businesses and expanding employment opportunities.
  • Strengthening rural infrastructure
  • Strengthening the agricultural sector
  • Strengthening the labor force and improving the quality of life in rural America by investing in education and health care.

This week’s edition of  Market to Market will feature coverage of the president’s tour as a special “Rural Economic Summit.“  Check local listings for your area.

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