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Flip on Ethanol, black farmer settlement and Heifer International

This is a shortened production week for the staff here at Market To Market. Usually this week is slow on news, but two big stories got our attention.

Former VP and democratic presidential nominee, Al Gore said he was wrong to support ethanol. Mr. Gore now discloses the “inconvenient truth” of how political ambition shaped his position on ethanol.

Lawmakers approve spending more than $1 billion to fund a settlement between USDA and black farmers. Now a lame-duck congress is next before the president can sign the legislation.

And, by helping the hungry produce their own food, Heifer International feeds people for a lifetime…
Those stories and market analysis with Jamey Kohake. Check your local listings for Jamey and Mark Pearson on this week’s broadcast (#3613).

Here’s the link to last week’s broadcast (#3612).

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Market to Market 3539

The producers of the weekly journal of rural America are hard at work getting ready for this week’s Market to Market.

So what is in store?

The EPA settles a lawsuit with environmental groups over large-scale livestock operations,
government bean counters see dramatic improvement in the outlook for U.S. agricultural trade and members of the “Greatest Generation” take an Honor Flight to the World War II Memorial in Washington.

Those stories and market analysis with Jamey Kohake.

If you missed last week’s program, click here for the entire show.

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