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Egypt, Ethanol, Salt and Cellulosic treasure on #3622

You don’t have to be from rural America to know the snow impacted your life this week. The weather this time of year doesn’t have much, if any, affect on the markets. But there is one region’s activities that is affecting some of the markets this week.

The unrest in Egypt unrest pushes oil prices higher and puts ethanol producers on edge.

Also, a report from USDA on new dietary guidelines. The Department is suggesting we could all get up off the couch and try putting less salt in our food.

And a next-generation ethanol producer converts “one man’s trash into a cellulosic treasure.”

We’ll have those stories and market analysis with Elaine Kub.

Be sure to check back to this part of our website after 7p on Friday for the discussion podcast and market plus segment. That extra segment does not air and is exclusive to the web.

Any story ideas or comments for the show, leave them below. Or even questions for Elaine, we had a couple for her around her last appearance on the program.

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Flip on Ethanol, black farmer settlement and Heifer International

This is a shortened production week for the staff here at Market To Market. Usually this week is slow on news, but two big stories got our attention.

Former VP and democratic presidential nominee, Al Gore said he was wrong to support ethanol. Mr. Gore now discloses the “inconvenient truth” of how political ambition shaped his position on ethanol.

Lawmakers approve spending more than $1 billion to fund a settlement between USDA and black farmers. Now a lame-duck congress is next before the president can sign the legislation.

And, by helping the hungry produce their own food, Heifer International feeds people for a lifetime…
Those stories and market analysis with Jamey Kohake. Check your local listings for Jamey and Mark Pearson on this week’s broadcast (#3613).

Here’s the link to last week’s broadcast (#3612).

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Cranberries, subsidies and food safety

The production of Market To Market #3612 is in full swing this Thursday afternoon.

We’ve got producers sorting through a new study by Iowa State University’s Center for Agriculture and Rural Development about the future of the ethanol industry without the extension of the ethanal tax credit. We should learn in the next few weeks about the future of the 45-cent-per-gallon ethanol tax credit and import tariff worth 54-cents-per-gallon. This is a follow up study released back in July, but many things have changed since then. What impact will the markets and supplies have on the industry?

Plus the issue of food safety is again in the news. This time, a bill passed by the House a year ago have finally been passed the Senate. The bill provides more power to the FDA to prevent food-borne illness. But the bill still has hurdles including concern for the impact on small farmers. Another obstacle is a possible amendment that would ban earmarks, the popular rallying cry of this year’s election.

And it is Thanksgiving time again and many of you will enjoy cranberries with your meal. But what is the status of that industry? It is a business that has many cooperative agreements, including the those involving the big producer Ocean Spray. How will companies like Ocean Spray and the others fare post-recession?

Analyst Darin Newsom will be joining us to discuss the commodity markets. If you’ve got a question, drop it in our comment section below and we’ll try to get that answered promptly.

Be sure to check out our last post about Mark Pearson’s trip to Idaho.

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EPA, Bears and debt reduction on MToM #3611

Lots to get to today on the blog.

Market To Market #3611 is posted here. This episode looks at a lawsuit brought against the EPA over increased blends in ethanol.

The nation’s debt also made news last week as another attempt at reduction was unveiled. And the bullish markets were not just limited to commodities like corn and soybeans, but many of the softs saw a big run last week. What does that mean? How did Alan Brugler see the markets? What’s ahead? Did you listen to our Market Plus segment?

Host Mark Pearson wanted me to share a story with you. He was recently in Boise talking to the Idaho Dairymen’s Association. Mark said he thought he’d been having a rough morning when he was approached by an audience member. The man told Mark about how he lost all of his straw and hay supply in a fire. Turns out, he wasn’t alone as six farms were damaged on a recent crime spree causing $45,000 in damage. The cost of replacement will be double what the hay was worth.

Mark has many other speaking engagements scheduled in South Dakota, North Dakota and Indiana to name a few. We’ll let you know where he’ll be so you can try and see the ever-entertaining Mr. Pearson in person.

Also, Elaine Kub responded to a comment we received last week. Kub was the analyst on MToM #3610. We received a comment here to the blog and Elaine responded.

Post a comment below and we’ll try and respond to all your questions.

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Market to Market 3541

The Market to Market crew is hard at work for this week’s show, #3541, if you’re keeping score at home.

What exactly does that number mean? The first two, 35 signifies the year or season of the show. The second two numbers means the episode number. So this is the 35th season of Market to Market and the 41st show of the season.

So what will be in this week’s show?

Corn producers and processors cope with waning demand for high fructose corn syrup…
But, the Agriculture Department predicts increased demand for ethanol will support corn prices. And the Obama Administration’s “point man” on rural affairs outlines his plans to rejuvenate the rural economy…
Those stories and market analysis with Tomm Pfitzenmaier.

Check your local listings for airtime in your area. But if you are in Bowling Green, Kentucky, check us out at 7 A.M. Sunday.

Or you can always click here to watch the show on-line.

How are things in your operation? Did you sell any grain this week? Too much rain?

Let us know how things are going for you?

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Rural Economic Summit - President Obama links

Our Rural Economic Summit’s latest installment will take place this week from main street middle America.
President Barack Obama spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday this week in the midwest.

Here’s a little background on the trip to Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

Iowa Public Television aired the speech by the president in Ottumwa. Here’s the link to that speech.

We’ve got a Market to Market crew that has been at many of the stops this week and will bring those to you in this week’s edition of the show as part of our Rural Economic Summit.

The president touted wind energy’s ability to generate power and jobs while in Iowa. During a trip to Missouri, the president visited the world’s top producer of ethanol to see how process works. So how does alternative energy fuel the rural economy?

Check local listings for the airtime of Market to Market. You also will be able to view the program on our website.

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Special Rural Economic Summit features President Obama’s White House to Main Street Tour

On the third of four special “road editions,”  Market to Market covers President Obama’s White House to Main Street Tour as a special “Rural Economic Summit.

Obama’s tour stops at several Midwestern events aimed at strengthening the rural economy.

The first stop Tuesday will be at the Siemens Energy plant in  Ft. Madison, Iowa.  The facility produces massive 12-ton blades for the company’s 2.3 MW generators that each produce enough energy to power 600-700 homes.  Siemens Energy received a $3.5 million federal tax credit back in January. The Siemens plant is the second largest employer in Lee County providing about 600 jobs.  This event is open only to media.

Then, it’s on to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa –  home of Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack — in Mt. Pleasant.  Like the preceeding stop in Ft. Madison, this event is closed to the public.

A third stop is planned in Ottumwa, Iowa for a town hall meeting at Indian Hills Community College.   The President will make a speech and answer questions from the audience.

Iowa Public Television will televise the town hall meeting live on its IPTV World Channel or .3 if you’re viewing inside the state of  Iowa.  Outside the broadcast region, you can view the event at: The coverage is scheduled to begin around 4 p.m. CT.

The White House said Monday the Midwest tour is about the president talking and listening to small business owners, workers, everyday people living the challenges they face in recovery.  This post covers most of the highlights of the President’s tour the next two days.

Wednesday’s tour includes a stop in Macon, Missouri at the POET biorefinery.  Producing 1.6 billion gallons of renewable fuel annually, POET is the world’s largest producer of ethanol.   The president will also visit a farm near Quincy, Illinois.

The White House released a report Tuesday from the Council of Economic Advisers, outlining four policies the President is likely to address this week:

  • Growing businesses and expanding employment opportunities.
  • Strengthening rural infrastructure
  • Strengthening the agricultural sector
  • Strengthening the labor force and improving the quality of life in rural America by investing in education and health care.

This week’s edition of  Market to Market will feature coverage of the president’s tour as a special “Rural Economic Summit.“  Check local listings for your area.

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Politics of Renewable Energy: Part 2

The next President will most likely confront dramatic changes in American energy policy. Senators Obama and McCain have spent much of the 2008 campaign attempting to explain their own vision of renewable energy. In the second of a three-part series on renewable energy, Market to Market profiles the current landscape of politics and alternative sources of energy like wind power. Streaming video is below…

Would you be willing to put wind turbines on your farm?

Do you think the federal government should provide tax credits for wind energy?

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The Politics of Ethanol: Part 1

Airing on Market to Market this week, the first installment of our renewable energy series profiling Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. This 8-minute feature examines the records and rhetoric of both Senators on the viability and subsidized status of corn-based ethanol.

Will either candidate’s opinions on ethanol affect your vote on November 4th?

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Campaign Ads: Alternative Energy

Both Presidential Campaigns have launched television ads with a focus on alternative energy. Do either the McCain campaign ad or Obama campaign ad properly explain their energy policies?

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