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EPA, Bears and debt reduction on MToM #3611

Lots to get to today on the blog.

Market To Market #3611 is posted here. This episode looks at a lawsuit brought against the EPA over increased blends in ethanol.

The nation’s debt also made news last week as another attempt at reduction was unveiled. And the bullish markets were not just limited to commodities like corn and soybeans, but many of the softs saw a big run last week. What does that mean? How did Alan Brugler see the markets? What’s ahead? Did you listen to our Market Plus segment?

Host Mark Pearson wanted me to share a story with you. He was recently in Boise talking to the Idaho Dairymen’s Association. Mark said he thought he’d been having a rough morning when he was approached by an audience member. The man told Mark about how he lost all of his straw and hay supply in a fire. Turns out, he wasn’t alone as six farms were damaged on a recent crime spree causing $45,000 in damage. The cost of replacement will be double what the hay was worth.

Mark has many other speaking engagements scheduled in South Dakota, North Dakota and Indiana to name a few. We’ll let you know where he’ll be so you can try and see the ever-entertaining Mr. Pearson in person.

Also, Elaine Kub responded to a comment we received last week. Kub was the analyst on MToM #3610. We received a comment here to the blog and Elaine responded.

Post a comment below and we’ll try and respond to all your questions.

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Market to Market - 3543

This week’s broadcast is again full of news from rural America.

What is looking like the top stories of the week?

The Environmental Protection Agency puts the brakes on increased blends of ethanol. What will that mean for consumers and producers? Our Dave Miller travelled to Omaha to have a conversation with Bob Dinnneen, President of the Renewable Fuels Association.

In a case with widespread implications for agriculture, the Supreme Court rules in favor of Monsanto. The case was about seeds, but not corn or beans, but alfalfa. Why is the Center for Food Safety claiming victory in this case?

And we’ll examine prospects for La Nina with Climatologist Elwynn Taylor.

Those stories and market analysis with Erin Golly and Virgil Robinson.

Check your local listings for Market to Market.

If you tweet about us, use the #MtoM hashtag.

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Market to Market 3539

The producers of the weekly journal of rural America are hard at work getting ready for this week’s Market to Market.

So what is in store?

The EPA settles a lawsuit with environmental groups over large-scale livestock operations,
government bean counters see dramatic improvement in the outlook for U.S. agricultural trade and members of the “Greatest Generation” take an Honor Flight to the World War II Memorial in Washington.

Those stories and market analysis with Jamey Kohake.

If you missed last week’s program, click here for the entire show.

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