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Part 3: The Politics of Agriculture

In the third and final feature of Market to Market’s ongoing series on the Politics of Renewable Energy, we examine the future of government farm programs.

Do you pay attention to government farm policy? Which approach towards government farm programs do you agree with more: Senator Obama or McCain?

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Politics of Renewable Energy: Part 2

The next President will most likely confront dramatic changes in American energy policy. Senators Obama and McCain have spent much of the 2008 campaign attempting to explain their own vision of renewable energy. In the second of a three-part series on renewable energy, Market to Market profiles the current landscape of politics and alternative sources of energy like wind power. Streaming video is below…

Would you be willing to put wind turbines on your farm?

Do you think the federal government should provide tax credits for wind energy?

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The Politics of Ethanol: Part 1

Airing on Market to Market this week, the first installment of our renewable energy series profiling Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. This 8-minute feature examines the records and rhetoric of both Senators on the viability and subsidized status of corn-based ethanol.

Will either candidate’s opinions on ethanol affect your vote on November 4th?

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Campaign Ads: Alternative Energy

Both Presidential Campaigns have launched television ads with a focus on alternative energy. Do either the McCain campaign ad or Obama campaign ad properly explain their energy policies?

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First Ethanol Feature Coming This Week

The first in a series of three Market to Market features profiling Senators Barack Obama and John McCain on agriculture and renewable energy will debut on-air and online beginning this weekend. Combining archival footage with new lawmaker interviews, Senators Obama and McCain state their views on ethanol and government policy. The Obama campaign often accuses John McCain of being “just four more years of President Bush.” But when it comes to ethanol, the differences could not be more stark. Ironically for the McCain campaign, the Arizona Senator’s difference with President Bush on ethanol could have a negative affect in farm country.

In other public broadcasting election coverage, the PBS flagship documentary program Frontline will unveil a 2-hour documentary on the 2008 election next week. These two clips are a preview of that profile.

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Senators Obama, Biden, and McCain on Ethanol

During the Iowa Caucuses, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain faced numerous questions regarding their positions on ethanol policy. This clip is from the Des Moines Register Democratic Debate held at Iowa Public Television on December 13, 2007, and includes comments from Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama and Vice Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

John McCain faced similar questions regarding ethanol during an October 12, 2007 appearance on the Iowa Public Television program Iowa Press.

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Politics of Ethanol

America’s unquenchable demand for energy in the 21st century is a central issue in the 2008 presidential campaign. Stumping for votes in Iowa and throughout rural America, presidential candidates have long hailed ethanol and biofuels as critical components to energy independence. But what would Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama change about biofuel policy once in office? What affect would their policies have on other renewable energy resources? Would a new administration adjust U.S. positions on global trade and agricultural policy?

In the coming weeks before election day, Market to Market attempts to answer some of these and other questions in our series the Politics of Ethanol.

We’re looking for your feedback on how ethanol and renewable energy policy may affect your farm operation or your vote on election day. Will either candidate’s position on ethanol affect your vote for President on November 4?

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