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Robomilkers, pre-election view and higher food prices

The weekly journal of rural America (MToM #3609) started off with a view on the potential of higher food prices. Why the rise? A look at the commodity markets isn’t the only factor in this USDA projection.

How about the big mid-term election? Which races have the biggest impact on the agricultural interests in this country? If you are viewing this after the election, we’ll have the post-election impact on MToM #3610.

A story getting some conversation going comes from the dairy barn. Not so much with the price of milk, although we did talk about the earlier in this post and the broadcast, but it is how the milking is getting done. Producer Chris Gourley shows how robotic milking is being used by a SW Minnesota family. Not everything has been smooth sailing for this operation. Here’s the link to the story.

Darin Newsom is usually a mild-mannered analyst who stays away from being bullish. Did he stay that way or did Mr. Newsom step out of his shell. Here’s the text version of the analysis and Market Plus expanded portion of the program you DON’T see on our air, but only on-line or in your podcast pile. Here is where you find the audio of the Market Plus segment.

View the entire program by clicking the word here.

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Food prices, elections and robotic milkers

Weather was a big talking point across rural America. But that’s not the only story we’re looking at this week.

Ae we all count down to the midterm elections, the stakes are high for rural America. What will certain races mean for ag interests?

Commodity prices are on the rise and USDA predicts food prices will follow in 2011. Which products are jumping up the fastest and why?

And a 3rd generation dairy producer capitalizes on a steady source of labor by going robotic.

Those stories and market analysis with Darin Newsom, this week on Market To Market. Check your local PBS station for broadcast times or visit our website to view the program.

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Biofuels, fast harvest and nitrate runoff

Many of you taking just a few minutes from harvest to check out our program. We greatly appreciate all of your attention to our efforts.

We know the harvest or corn and soybeans is moving at an incredibly fast pace. And much of that is coming with little harvest pressure on the market.

Also this week the Obama Administration announces new incentives for biofuels production.

And we’ll examine efforts to curb nitrate runoff and increase yields through innovative drainage management.

Those stories and market analysis with Virgil Robinson.

What is happening with you? Any questions for Mr. Robinson?

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WASDE report boosts markets MToM#3606

USDA releases its latest production estimates, and the markets respond limit up. What will this mean for those of you with skin in the game or trying to get in?

A coalition of state governors calls on Congress to extend a key ethanol tax incentive.

And for the 25th time, Willie Nelson and friends stage a benefit concert for the American farmer. A look at Farm Aid after 25 years.

Those stories and market analysis with Tomm Pfitzenmaier.

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Back in the Studio #3604

The kids are back from Nebraska and last week’s trip to the Husker Harvest Days as part of our Rural Economic Summit. Did you miss it? You can still watch the 2 programs here. They are posted on the Market to Market website.

The first link is the special program. This link is the traditional Market To Market.

As always, this week we’re hitting on the important issues of rural America.

Corn trades at levels not seen since 2008, setting up a classic acreage battle next spring.

Plus an advisory committee tells the FDA, genetically modified salmon are safe for human consumption.

And, in the wake of a half-a-billion egg recall, lawmakers call on a key producer to explain why as Iowa egg producer Jack DeCoster of Wright County Egg goes to Washington.

Those stories and market analysis with Don Roose.

Where do you watch us from? We know we’ve got a Canadian following. Where are you watching us from?

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Rural Economic Summit comes to Nebraska

Producer Andrew Batt puts finishing touches on the remote program in Grand Island, NE.

Producer Andrew Batt puts finishing touches on the remote program in Grand Island, NE.

The Market To Market crew is back from their trip to Nebraska and the Husker Harvest Days. The production team recording the last of our Rural Economic Summits. You can read a little background by clicking here.

The crew spent a couple of days at the Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska. Thanks to everyone there for making our trip smooth and memorable.

This summit had quite the guest list for our panel discussion.

  • Chuck Hassebrook, executive director, Center for Rural Affairs
  • Brandon Hunnicutt, president, Nebraska Corn Growers Association
  • Ernie Goss, Creighton University economist
  • Darin Newsom, DTN Senior Grains Analyst
  • Walt Hackney, Hackney Cattle Company

Some of the program looked at strong demand and near-record grain and oilseed and its boosting of net farm income. But as the agricultural sector exhibits its resilience, many rural communities are fighting to survive the worst economic downtrun since the Great Depression. What is that impact on the slowing recovery of rural America?

This show will air in two parts. The first will be in the regular Market To Market time slot you watch. The second will available on some stations. If you don’t see it, you’ll be able to view it on our website this weekend.

What did we miss on? What other topics needed coverage? Drop us a line at

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Hitting the road to talk about the economy

The Market To Market crew is close to hitting the road for the final of our Rural Economic Summits. This last stop will be at the Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska. #HHD10 is largest totally irrigated working farm show.

This stop will allow us to hit a few issues vital to the western part of the corn belt. We’ll be talking about challenges confronting America’s grain and livestock producers.  Irrigation is a huge issue in many parts of the country, so the program also will examine innovative water management systems.

We’ve been asking for you to share how you are doing in this economy. We’re not asking for information on every dollar and cent, but how you’ve faired recently in the economy.

  • Did you diversify more or less than normal because of the economy?
  • Did you take risks that were not your normal strategy?
  • Are you better off today than you were 6 months ago?
  • Do you expect you’ll be better off in six months?
  • If things are going well, what made that happen?

Please take a few moments to answer a couple of our questions. You can comment to

We’re assembling a panel to discuss many of these questions when we hold the next summit in Nebraska.

  • Walt Hackney is with the Hackney Cattle Company based in Omaha. What questions do you have for him?
  • Darin Newsom is a regular analyst for Market To Market. He’s a senior grains analyst for DTN.
  • Ernie Goss of Creighton University was just on last week’s show discussing the rural economy and why imports are helping the ag sector.

We are still trying to confirm a couple more guests for the program. I’ll let you know who they are so you can pose a couple of questions to the panel. Those questions will be asked in a special discussion program produced by Market To Market.

Again, please take some time to send us an email to

Look for signs like this one on where to watch the Market To Market taping on Wednesday, September 15th.

Look for signs like this one on where to watch the Market To Market taping on Wednesday, September 15th.

Planning to be in Grand Island on Wednesday? Maybe around the 1p time-frame? Stop by our broadcast location at the Nebraska Farmer Hospitality tent. Inside the tent, you’ll find the Nebraska Farmer editors as well as health screening booths. Located at the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue in the center of the grounds.

We are recording at 1, so come in, take a break and say hi to the Market To Market crew. Also, give our program a listen and offer your own question to the panel.

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Looking for your story

The news about the economy continues to dominate many news cycles. President Barack Obama spent time in the midwest this spring looking at success stories and some hardships as well.

We hear stories of economic recovery, but is that the case for you?

How is your situation?

Are you better off than you were a year before? 5 years before? 10 years?

What exactly will help your situation improve?

Share your story here in the comments or send us a question to

We’ve talked about the upcoming Rural Economic Summit. What do we need to discuss in the next Summit?

That next summit is fast approaching. We’ll be in Grand Island, Nebraska for the Husker Harvest Days. We will record our program on Wednesday, September 15. We want you to be a part of the Market To Market program.

Drop us an email to

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36 Years of Information

Tonight kicks off the 36th season of Market To Market. How many ag information shows can say that?

Who remembers Chet Randolph? I know many of you do.

The crew is working on several stories for you on this week’s broadcast.

Private analysts cut U.S. corn production estimates, pushing corn prices to contract highs.

So will that have an impact on futures long-term?

U.S. agricultural exports soar, boosting farm income and hopes for a rural economic recovery. We’ll talk with Ernie Goss from Creighton University and Jason Henderson of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Omaha Branch.

And, Market to Market rides along on the sesquicentennial celebration of the Pony Express. Did you know the Pony Express was still riding?

Those stories and market analysis with John Roach. Join us? We appreciate every one of you for watching our program.

We’re also hitting the road soon for our final Rural Economic Summit. We’ll be headed to Nebraska. We need your help. Here’s the background on the remote at Husker Harvest Days.

Here’s the information we’re looking from you. Click here for that post.

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Road Trip for Market to Market

The Market to Market crew is hitting the road in September for a special rural economic summit.

We will bring Mr. Pearson to you at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska on September 15th.

We’ll assemble a panel of experts and, of course, you are invited to join the discussion and all you have to do is submit your questions at the Market to Market Web site. You can send us an email to or just leave a comment below in the blog.

Of course, we want to get the conversation started by asking you the following: What improvement are you seeing in your local economy?

The summit will featured a town hall discussion among experts recorded in front of a live studio audience.

So, visit the Market to Market Web site to share your story and submit your questions to

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