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Egypt, Ethanol, Salt and Cellulosic treasure on #3622

You don’t have to be from rural America to know the snow impacted your life this week. The weather this time of year doesn’t have much, if any, affect on the markets. But there is one region’s activities that is affecting some of the markets this week.

The unrest in Egypt unrest pushes oil prices higher and puts ethanol producers on edge.

Also, a report from USDA on new dietary guidelines. The Department is suggesting we could all get up off the couch and try putting less salt in our food.

And a next-generation ethanol producer converts “one man’s trash into a cellulosic treasure.”

We’ll have those stories and market analysis with Elaine Kub.

Be sure to check back to this part of our website after 7p on Friday for the discussion podcast and market plus segment. That extra segment does not air and is exclusive to the web.

Any story ideas or comments for the show, leave them below. Or even questions for Elaine, we had a couple for her around her last appearance on the program.

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