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Large economies, genetically engineered crops and robotic milkers

Greetings from the production crew of Market To Market.

It is cold this morning in rural America, but we know there’s plenty to keep you warm, like watching the commodity markets go up and down.

But we’ve got other stories to keep you warm this weekend. This week, a delegation from China came to the United States. They got the red carpet treatment and it appears the leaders of the world’s two largest economies find common ground on matters of trade.

Lawmakers are now posing questions to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on rules relating to genetically engineered crops. What will this mean to producers and researches of such crops?

And we’ve got a feature that’s both interesting and concerning. A 3rd generation dairy producer capitalizes on a steady source of labor by going robotic. How many of you from dairy farms see this as a threat and relief? Those of you in the dairy business know of the dedication it takes to do what you do.

And we get into the market analysis with Alan Brugler.

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