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Health Insurance Reform

Several health insurance programs have been suggested by members of Congress from a single-payer plan to a cooperative-style program. What do you think would be the best way to make affordable health insurance available to rural America?

  1. Anonymous says:

    i like the coop model , why can't something like cenex or whatever be used as a model?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I so nor like the co-op model of health care. CoOps are regional and I would like to see the entire nation borderless so that I can port my insurance with me when I leave a job, move to a different state or retire. Tying health insurance to a state of residence, a region, or a particular employer is a huge problem for people on the move.

  3. Pat Staub says:

    I would like to see borderless health care plans. Since healthcare is now “nationalized” it should be “national.” Too many states have payment schedules and policy provisions that state insurance lobbies created to their advantage. Just as credit cards and banks now compete for our money on a national basis, so should healthcare. There is NO other way to keep the insurers honest! Transparency across the country is a viable surrogate for a public-run plan. In addition, the restrictions on certain regional healthcare programs, regarding preferred provider (or mandated provider) access, and individual vs group coverage based on residency, can keep people from relocating to Rural America. The insurance walls need to come crumbling down so that people can move back home to the country if they choose. There are those, like myself, that are trapped in regional group plans ouside of the Midwest because they will only be covered without a new physical or increase in premiums as long as they don’t move. Held hostage by healthcare! Free others like me by enacting borderless hcare! Then we can move from state to state without discrimination based on job-status, individual vs. group rate health insurance laws or geographical preference!

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