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Mister and Miss Squirt!

It appeared this morning would be just another normal visit to the Waterloo Public Library.

However, I noticed a few of the kids seemed to be infected with some kind of aggressive brain fungus.

After a quick search, I located the source of the infection. The librarians had not cleaned their fish tank in a long time, and mutated slime was growing out of it.

No one needed to panic because I had a plan! A few well-placed bags of flaming destruction [...]

The Return of the Babysitter!

I can’t believe it took seven weeks, but today I finally had the opportunity to sign my first cast of the summer.

I wasn’t too surprised it happened, though. I had a hunch that, after doing enough story times, my lucky number would finally come up!

The Waterloo Public Library does a fantastic job turning their building into a summer reading paradise, complete with giant vine pillars.

And, if you are lucky, you can even help decorate by drawing on the walls. Just [...]

The Carnival is in Town!

The final day of this week’s Reading Road Trip adventure started at the Waterloo Public Library.

I was honored to have an official IPTV Kids Clubhouse member attend the show!

After the performance, I hopped aboard an alien spaceship to fly to my next destination!

On the way, I flew a little too close to a cow jumping over the moon and my ship was damaged!

I was forced to crash the spacehip into the Jesup Public Library and, because of the damage, we [...]

After-Hours Tubing!

This morning, at the Waterloo Public Library, we prepared for the masses by providing special stroller parking.

There was a small army in attendance for story time, and you know what that means! I had the pleasure of giving out countless high-fives!

I was surprised that a giant space tuna popped in to watch for a little bit.

It turns out he wasn’t actually there for story time. Instead, he was hunting for some bugs for lunch!

In the afternoon, I discovered that the [...]

What Goes Around…

I always try to do at least one good deed every single day. This morning at a packed Waterloo Public Library I had plenty of opportunities!

I saved some kids from the mighty kraken.

I saved some librarians from a giant hovering jellyfish.

I even helped a lost sea turtle make his way out to sea.

Later, because of all my good deeds, a camera crew from Wartburg College caught up with me at the Denver Public Library.

Denver had heard what I had [...]