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If you’re going to visit the Burlington Public Library, you might consider traveling there via the PAGE TURNIN’, FUEL BURNIN’, BOOK MOBILE!

I didn’t realize it, but that’s the alternate vehicle Batman uses when the Batmobile is being repaired!

After story time, I ran into the Supergirl sisters. One of them recently had an unfortunate encounter with a grouchy walrus, and she had to be patched up a bit.

However, no one needs to fear any longer, Spiderman is on patrol!

Later, when I [...]

A Pirate’s Life For Me!

The Story Laboratory, located in the Washington Free Public Library, is always a perfect place to start your morning.

The entrance to the lab is protected by a fierce knight and his trusty steed!

It also has an elite force of seven superheroes as backup protection in case the knight falls in battle!

And, if both the brave knight and the strong superheroes are unable to keep evil out of the Story Laboratory? Well, that’s why the library has all those explosives!

To get [...]

Cinnamon, the Guard Rabbit!

After yesterday’s dinosaur trouble, I was excited to enjoy a relaxing visit to the Washington Free Public Library in Washington!

The library has a volcanic security system to stop any prehistoric beasties from entering the building!

Luckily, ants and moles work feverishly to reroute any excess lava, so we didn’t get any on us.

However, after examining some leftover bones, I’d say some of the dinos weren’t as lucky.

After Washington, I zipped off to the Musser Public Library in Muscatine! You never [...]

Olympic Celebration!

This morning, I discovered the Washington Free Public Library has Olympic Fever!

They treated me as if I was the greatest Olympic athlete on the planet!

I wasn’t the only Healthy Hero in the building! The story time room was completely filled with Healthy Heroes!

However, there were a few who still needed my healthy message regarding portion size!

During my afternoon stop, I learned there was a new protector of the Davenport Public Library!

Don’t worry, Libby the Library Dog is still standing guard [...]

Every Penguin Gets a Snow Cone!

There are lots of inspirational signs at the Washington Free Public Library. Here’s a great example: “Reading Takes You in All Directions!”

And don’t forget, “One World, Many Stories!”

Interesting. I’ve never seen a “One World, One Wardell” sign before.

A world with more than one of me would definitely make some people scream in terror!

On the other hand, think of all the crowds of kids I could entertain with an army of duplicates!

Speaking of duplicates, I encountered these two “I Love Reading” [...]