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Pillow Fight!

Any time I have an event at the Storm Lake Public Library, it is held in the adjoining art museum.

Because of this, I always help with the nerve-wracking job of moving valuable art out of the way to make more room for my performance!

Once I have enough space to work with, story time fun and adventure can go exactly as planned!

On my way to the next stop, I had to take a little detour because a local farmer’s horses [...]

Peacock Power!

When I arrived at the Storm Lake Public Library this morning, I found a delicious breakfast waiting there! Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended for me!

I immediately called their library board together for an emergency meeting to discuss breakfast policies. Surely superheroes should be allowed to share a healthy breakfast…

The board agreed that they would change the policy and gave me, not one, but, three awards for “Most Convincing Library Board Presentation EVER!”

To celebrate my awards, every story time attendee was able [...]

A Pesky Flying Saucer!

The Storm Lake Public Library is definitely filled with PBS Kids who love to read!

I think it is because in Storm Lake, there is always a pot of books at the end of every rainbow.

All the kids certainly love to have fun, too!

It would have been a perfect day if it hadn’t been for that pesky flying saucer.

The spaceship tried to follow me all day, even to the Albert City Public Library.

No one was safe from that UFO. Not the [...]

Super Hero Convention in Storm Lake?

Many super hero friends flew in to see me today at the Storm Lake Public Library!

Even the amazing Doctor Dragon paid me a visit. He wasn’t in a good mood.

He was much happier after he got some of my pirate treasure.

Storm Lake always holds a special place in my heart since they are indeed an official IPTV Raising Readers library.

Now if only I could convince them to let me pay my library fines with lobsters.

The sun finally came out [...]

Giganto Turtle!

What a wonderful morning near the water at the lovely Storm Lake Public Library!

There we had story time in an art museum.

Storm Lake loves reading and they love IPTV!

To prove it they even gave away free books to all their readers.

Later, at the Sac City Public Library, I was visited by the postal inspector and the fire chief. 

The town had the largest paint brush I’ve ever seen!

And it also had the largest turtle I’ve ever seen.

It’s true what they say, Sac City has [...]