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Pillow Fight!

Any time I have an event at the Storm Lake Public Library, it is held in the adjoining art museum.

Because of this, I always help with the nerve-wracking job of moving valuable art out of the way to make more room for my performance!

Once I have enough space to work with, story time fun and adventure can go exactly as planned!

On my way to the next stop, I had to take a little detour because a local farmer’s horses [...]

Five Little Ducks…

It’s not a surprise that the patrons at the Spirit Lake Public Library read lots of books!

I was surprised, however, to discover the library is actually a storehouse for priceless antiques!

This includes rare coins from around the world.

It also includes rare hats from across the globe, including the hard-to-find donkey hat!

And speaking of cool hats, the Sorting Hat decided my next stop was the Milford Memorial Library!

I arrived only to discover a tragedy had occurred. Mama Duck had lost her [...]

Mermaids and Crocodile Wrestlers!

There were lots of great characters at the Spirit Lake Public Library this morning. There were fierce pirates.

There were beautiful princesses too.

Four underwater mermaids helped me catch a few fish.

And I even met a crocodile wrestler who let me take a quick swim in his pool.

As I pulled into the Laurens Public Library, the sidewalk chalk artists were busy at work.

To say the town was excitable was an understatement.

The library had one simple rule, “No bare/bear feet in the [...]

Name Dropper!

Wow did I meet some cool people today!  At the Spirit Lake Public Library I met some world famous architects!

I met the President, Vice President, and Secretary of the National Potato-Head Growers Association.

I even had a new cape made for me by Ms. Ellen, tailor to the stars!

Later, in Emmetsburg I met the original Rapunzel.

I met Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight.

I even met Kari, renown jet-sled pilot!

Finally, at the Pocahontas Public Library I met Flat Stanley and his family.

I met the [...]