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Everyone Loves Clifford!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of accompanying Clifford the Big Red Dog to the Sioux City Public Museum!

Any time I get to do story time with the world’s most beloved canine, he is always the center of attention.

I don’t mind that he steals the stage. I’ve never really developed a taste for dog bones!

Before I left, I was given a sneak peek of their new dinosaur exhibit!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you’re going to make faces at [...]

And the Final Number is 14,264!

Today marked the final day of the 2012 Reading Road Trip! It was the final day to save five little aliens!

It was the final day of making adults stand up and sing.

It was the final day of performing at libraries, big and small.

With such a packed morning and afternoon, I knew I needed to stay hydrated! I definitely need a bigger straw!

The crowds at the Coralville Public Library helped me kick off the day.

I wish it could have lasted longer, [...]

Coming Soon!

The Burlington Public Library has been waiting all summer for me to visit!

People were already lined up and ready to enter the story time room when we arrived!

Some looked as if they were starstruck when they saw my cape!

I did my best to give them my finest performance so that I wouldn’t let them down!

It was a race to the Keosauqua Public Library for our second stop of the day!

It would have been difficult to fit any more people into [...]


I should have known that Betty, the librarian at the Musser Public Library in Muscatine, was up to something. There was a twinkle in her eye and she was wringing her hands suspiciously!

She surprised me with an unexpected smooch on the cheek!

Next, the whole audience was blowing me kisses. What was going on?

It turns out she had secretly enrolled me in the Smooch-a-Frog Challenge. All the earlier kisses were just practice for the real thing!

There were no kisses, smooches, or [...]

Olympic Celebration!

This morning, I discovered the Washington Free Public Library has Olympic Fever!

They treated me as if I was the greatest Olympic athlete on the planet!

I wasn’t the only Healthy Hero in the building! The story time room was completely filled with Healthy Heroes!

However, there were a few who still needed my healthy message regarding portion size!

During my afternoon stop, I learned there was a new protector of the Davenport Public Library!

Don’t worry, Libby the Library Dog is still standing guard [...]