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A Little Lava Never Hurt Anyone!

Today, at the Cedar Falls Public Library, we set a new 2014 Reading Road Trip attendance record by turning this empty room into…

This AMAZING room packed with excitement and adventure!

The turnout was so great, that we accidentally shifted some of the Earth’s tectonic plates and caused some minor volcanic activity!

When the news cameras showed up to see who was responsible for all the lava bubbling up in the city, I just shrugged and gave them the “it wasn’t me” look!

Since [...]

Dinosaur Invasion!

This morning, when I arrived at the Newton Public Library, I was informed that story time was going to be held outside. Apparently, some velociraptors had been seen roaming inside the library.

There were many fellow superheroes on hand, just in case the dinosaurs came outside to look for a meal!

Luckily, not a single caped crusader needed to do battle.

Rumor has it that the dinos stayed away because they were afraid of this dad’s dance moves!

My second stop took me to [...]

Three Dinosaurs and a Pig!

It seems like every summer the Pella Public Library gets a visit from me!

I have to confess, I do love performing on their fantastic stage!

But, don’t think Miss Katie, the librarian, allows me to zip off to my next spot before helping her clean up.

Storytelling and mopping are my specialties! It’s a fact that super-heroes have to wear a lot of hats!

This afternoon, as soon as I walked into the Oskaloosa Public Library, some young television executives ran up [...]

Engineers Unite!

This summer I celebrate my fifth year of the Reading Road Trip! Every year I’ve made the awesome Pella Public Library one of my stops.

This year, however, there was an accessibility issue for one of my fans! She couldn’t get her fancy red wagon into story time!

Luckily, some brilliant engineers helped me build a ramp for her to get into story time.

No more Reading Road Trip story times this week. I’m going to take a quick vacation to Stonehege this [...]

The Baby Whisperer!

Some towns go to great lengths to get me to visit their town during the summer! The Eddyville Public Library was going to build me a giant stage. Although I thought that was cool, I told them it wasn’t necessary!

Story time was right next to the bank, so I thought I would stop in and say hello.

I even opened a bank account and made my first deposit: 14,000 beach balls!

Today was the first day I noticed how many [...]