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Dinosaur Invasion!

This morning, when I arrived at the Newton Public Library, I was informed that story time was going to be held outside. Apparently, some velociraptors had been seen roaming inside the library.

There were many fellow superheroes on hand, just in case the dinosaurs came outside to look for a meal!

Luckily, not a single caped crusader needed to do battle.

Rumor has it that the dinos stayed away because they were afraid of this dad’s dance moves!

My second stop took me to [...]

Sir Rustalot, the Parking Hog!

This morning, at the Marshalltown Public Library, story time started at 9:15 on the dot!

That’s because the town’s citizens like it when the trains run EXACTLY on time!

I was surprised with a card from one of my younger fans!

This was written inside!

I would have stayed in Marshalltown all day, but, a band of travelling wizards told me there had been a dragon sighting to the south!

Sir Rustalot, a foul rust dragon, was taking up way to many parking spots at [...]

Tastes Like Chicken?

The last time I was in Creston they were battling rainy weather.

However, today was sunny and dry. The perfect time to take a good photo.

It was also the perfect temperature to be in an air-conditioned building for story time.

Unless you like tropical, humid heat, of course, like our good friend Curious George!

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of doing story time out in that humid heat at the Newton Public Library.

It was getting so warm out there I thought I [...]

Momma Frog and the Froglings!

The Coralville Public Library set a record for themselves this morning! Their crowds were bigger than at any other time that I’ve visited.

There was even one cool momma frog in the audience who seemed to have fun.

She brought all her baby froglings!

With five froglings, a stroller with two seats isn’t nearly enough!

All it took was a quick pony ride to get to the Newton Public Library.

Luckily, I do love outside story time in the warm summer weather.

The sun’s awesome powers [...]

The Wall of Suckers!

Today it was a beautiful day for an outside story time at the Newton Public Library!

Lots of two-legged and four-legged friends showed up.

Some four-legged friends were bigger than others!

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold, but definitely lots of fun.

This afternoon I had the honor of visiting the new Marshalltown Public Library!

They have some interesting new additions to their library.

Including a wall of suckers!

There’s lots of room in their new library!  Even enough room for Insectozilla!

Dan’s Wise [...]


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