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Welcome to Gotham City!

This morning, I thought I had control of the audience at the Davenport Public Library!

That’s when the librarians presented me with a Jurassic Park terrarium, and everything went haywire.

The kids immediately turned into mini-velociraptors! Each one wanted to steal my terrarium.

After some deep breathing exercises and thoughts of floating butterflies, we were able to calm everyone down!

Just to make sure I got out of there safely, I secretly booked a cab to take me to my second stop of the [...]

A Pirate’s Life For Me!

The Story Laboratory, located in the Washington Free Public Library, is always a perfect place to start your morning.

The entrance to the lab is protected by a fierce knight and his trusty steed!

It also has an elite force of seven superheroes as backup protection in case the knight falls in battle!

And, if both the brave knight and the strong superheroes are unable to keep evil out of the Story Laboratory? Well, that’s why the library has all those explosives!

To get [...]

Cinnamon, the Guard Rabbit!

After yesterday’s dinosaur trouble, I was excited to enjoy a relaxing visit to the Washington Free Public Library in Washington!

The library has a volcanic security system to stop any prehistoric beasties from entering the building!

Luckily, ants and moles work feverishly to reroute any excess lava, so we didn’t get any on us.

However, after examining some leftover bones, I’d say some of the dinos weren’t as lucky.

After Washington, I zipped off to the Musser Public Library in Muscatine! You never [...]


I should have known that Betty, the librarian at the Musser Public Library in Muscatine, was up to something. There was a twinkle in her eye and she was wringing her hands suspiciously!

She surprised me with an unexpected smooch on the cheek!

Next, the whole audience was blowing me kisses. What was going on?

It turns out she had secretly enrolled me in the Smooch-a-Frog Challenge. All the earlier kisses were just practice for the real thing!

There were no kisses, smooches, or [...]

Every Penguin Gets a Snow Cone!

There are lots of inspirational signs at the Washington Free Public Library. Here’s a great example: “Reading Takes You in All Directions!”

And don’t forget, “One World, Many Stories!”

Interesting. I’ve never seen a “One World, One Wardell” sign before.

A world with more than one of me would definitely make some people scream in terror!

On the other hand, think of all the crowds of kids I could entertain with an army of duplicates!

Speaking of duplicates, I encountered these two “I Love Reading” [...]