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Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

This morning I entertained a couple of enthusiastic crowds at the Decorah Public Library!

The many breathtaking views of the city skyline always make for a great visit.

The librarians are constantly making sure the prize box is filled to the brim with goodies.

And, it’s always a mystery as to what you might win for completing summer reading!

My final story time of the week was at one of my favorite places on the planet.

The Maynard Public Library and all of its patrons [...]

The Interdimensional Rip!

This morning, several people at the Marion Public Library asked me how it is that I can get kids to line up with enthusiasm to check out books?

Some people think it is via some type of swirly-lined hypnosis trick, but no, if you simply ask kids to read, they’ll read!

After story time I had a chance to meet the most depressed hamster in the world. She was sad because no one had filled up her kiddie pool.

After a quick phone [...]

Home Sweet Home!

I always enjoy visiting with the friendly citizens at the Decorah Public Library!

They all love to “Dig Into Reading!”

You always have to remember, if you’re going to do any sort of digging, you might encounter some creepy crawlies!

But you also might happen upon some really cool things, too, like dragon eggs!

After Decorah, I headed over the rainbow to the Ossian Public Library!

They have some really amazing hidden passages in their bookcases!

They have been the first library to make me sign [...]

Where’s the Grump?

It wouldn’t be a Reading Road Trip without a stop at the Decorah Public Library!

Why did no one tell me I was supposed to wear my Creature Power Suit from Wild Kratts?

A Creature Power Suit would definitely help keep wild animals from sneaking up on people in the dark.

And some extra creature detection would certainly make eating late-night S’mores much more enjoyable!

Now I know I’m moving up in the world! My afternoon story time at the Maynard Public Library was [...]

Birds, Flies, and Frogs!

It is amazing that every year I’ve visited the Decorah Public Library the crowds just get bigger and bigger.

Someone in the audience had accidentally taken a parking spot reserved for “Mother Goose!”

This made her very unhappy and she sent some of her feathery friends to chase me out of the library.

I was able to escape just before another bird tried to carry me off! Luckily I had time to claim a fabulous thank-you gift!

Next, it was off to an [...]