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The Catwoman Gang!

I’ve been telling kids all summer that every hero has a story, but, we also need to remember every hero needs a library card!

Library cards come with great responsibility at the Mason City Public Library! If your books get returned late, the librarians have been known to extend their claws!

I was appreciative that so many excited families showed up to the library on such a beautiful day!

Even a superhero grandpa attended the show with his “Never Fear, Grandpa is Here” [...]

Baby Dino!

This morning, the sign at the Mason City Public Library said “SPARK a Reaction!” So, of course, I tried to do exactly as it said.

Unfortunately, my “spark” caused a little bigger reaction than anyone was expecting.

Somehow I accidentally transformed one of the library’s houseplants into a strange abomination.

Luckily, my damage was easily undone thanks to the help of the librarians and some reversal potions that they had on hand.

Later, the kids showed up to the Lake Mills Public Library in [...]

Giant Worm = Giant Fish!

Let’s face it, if I was a Time Lord, it would make my travels much easier! Plus, having a TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver would be lots of fun!

Fortunately, when I visit the Mason City Public Library, I don’t need to travel through time and space to get a good parking spot!

It’s the only library I know that has a children’s area, a teen area, and a dinosaur area.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they even have a bunny rabbit area!

Later, [...]

Are Those Fuzzy Creatures Following Me?

After spending a few days of vacation around the campfire, I was ready to get back to the Reading Road Trip!

I never would have guessed that some woodland creatures would have followed me from the campsite to the Pocahontas Public Library!

Luckily, the crowd was very hospitable and made room for the forest beasts!

And, as an added surprise this morning, I was invited to perform with three of the town’s most talented sopranos!

I hopped onto a rocket for my afternoon stop [...]

The Twin Centurions!

Two outside story times in one week? You better believe it!

It was beautiful outside the Belmond Public Library, but it was also beautiful inside!

They have a book return and a fish return.

They also have a very needy parrot. He loves to give kisses.

The Mason City Public Library is still under construction. So the museum next door hosted all the fun.

And this was not just any museum. It was the home to Bil Baird’s The Sound of Music [...]