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Now that’s a Shiny Medal!

The Marshalltown Public Library has been very busy since I last visited them. They worked incredibly hard and won the 2013 National Medal for Museum and Library Service!

The award was such an awesome feat that even Michael Fitzgerald, State Treasurer of Iowa, stopped by to take a look at its brilliance.

Other VIPs showed up as well, including Curious George and the Mole in the Yellow Hat!

With so many celebrities attending story time, I needed some extra courage to perform. Luckily, [...]

Sir Rustalot, the Parking Hog!

This morning, at the Marshalltown Public Library, story time started at 9:15 on the dot!

That’s because the town’s citizens like it when the trains run EXACTLY on time!

I was surprised with a card from one of my younger fans!

This was written inside!

I would have stayed in Marshalltown all day, but, a band of travelling wizards told me there had been a dragon sighting to the south!

Sir Rustalot, a foul rust dragon, was taking up way to many parking spots at [...]

Dragon in the Tree House!

When I visit the Marshalltown Public Library they always take great care of me. I even get special parking.

It was a good thing I got a parking spot, too. Lots of moms, dads, and kids showed up for story time.

There were even a few celebrities who stopped by for the fun.

Luckily, after five years of visiting the Marshalltown Public Library, I finally discovered their energy source!

This afternoon, we filled the Kling Memorial Library in Grundy Center.

And talk about lucky, [...]

Don’t Push the Buttons!

This morning, as I was waiting for story time to start at the Marshalltown Public Library, I noticed an amazing wall of buttons.

One button released all of the spiders and hedgehogs.

Another button released a great white shark.

Had I done my homework using their homework machine I would have known better than to push any buttons.

My curiosity got the best of me. I decided to try pushing one final button and was tranported to the Urbandale Public Library. Any time I [...]

The Wall of Suckers!

Today it was a beautiful day for an outside story time at the Newton Public Library!

Lots of two-legged and four-legged friends showed up.

Some four-legged friends were bigger than others!

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold, but definitely lots of fun.

This afternoon I had the honor of visiting the new Marshalltown Public Library!

They have some interesting new additions to their library.

Including a wall of suckers!

There’s lots of room in their new library!  Even enough room for Insectozilla!

Dan’s Wise [...]


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