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The Furriest Kid I’ve Ever Seen!

I’m pretty confident that at least one attendee at the Le Mars Public Library had a good time this morning!

I know their town loves ice cream, but I didn’t realize they all love rock and roll, too!

However, they are definitely not fans of those old prehistoric rockers!

It’s only the most up-and-coming rock and roll acts for the citizens of Le Mars. One person told me that the Dump Truck Trio is a very popular group right now!

During my second stop [...]

A Big Pair of Scissors!

This morning, before I started story time at the Le Mars Public Library I needed to do something very important.

Get a haircut, of course!

With my new haircut I felt like I could travel the world in style.

And I felt like my old super-hero self again.

The next stop today was the  Sioux City Public Library.

Story time is always a careful balance between fun and learning.

My favorite part is the fun!

And my story times are certainly fun for all ages.


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