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The Return of the Babysitter!

I can’t believe it took seven weeks, but today I finally had the opportunity to sign my first cast of the summer.

I wasn’t too surprised it happened, though. I had a hunch that, after doing enough story times, my lucky number would finally come up!

The Waterloo Public Library does a fantastic job turning their building into a summer reading paradise, complete with giant vine pillars.

And, if you are lucky, you can even help decorate by drawing on the walls. Just [...]

Underwater Adventure?

I’ve always wondered where the awesome fountain at the Coralville Public Library might lead.

A cool watery portal like that could lead me anywhere on the planet.

I wonder if it would lead me across the world to the Egyptian pyramids?

Too bad I’ll never find out. There was a merman with a pet shark blocking my way. Oh well, next year I’ll bring shark repellant.

I had to take a bike to my next stop at the Hiawatha Public Library. When I got [...]