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Happy Horse and Happy Cow!

Today, I arrived in style at the Fort Dodge Public Library by riding in a bulldozer.

The only downfall to using construction equipment for transportation is accidentally digging up all those worms!

My story time was going on at the same time as swimming lessons. Guess which event most of the kids in town attended!

And, speaking of swimming lessons, I wish lifeguards would spend more time teaching kids about the dangers of diving off cliffs into unknown waters. I’d hate for any [...]

How Many Gumballs?

Today, at the Fort Dodge Public Library, “DAN” was the password!

It’s the kind of library where shoes are optional!

It’s also the kind of library where every kid is a SHINING STAR!

Before I left for my afternoon stop, I entered my guess into the “How Many Gumballs” drawing box.

I almost dropped a box of flying saucer discs at the Clarion Public Library! Luckily, a superhero was there to offer up some help!

The librarians weren’t quite sure our audience size would reach [...]

Bancroft Blackout!

Of all the places in the world for me to start my morning, today I picked the Fort Dodge Public Library.

The librarians there always seem to have a surprise or two in their bag of tricks!

Today was no different as I received quite a gift!

In exchange for a trick I pulled on Laurie the librarian back in April, she gave me a “Best April Fool’s Prankster” award!

All this fun and it was on her birthday, too!

There were some unexpected surprises [...]

Buckets of Fun!

Last January I called the Fort Dodge Public Library during the middle of a huge snow storm. They saved some of the snow and gifted it to me today!

For awhile this year with all the snow and cold I didn’t think we would ever be able to put on our summer clothes and Hawaiian shirts!

Fort Dodge kids think reading is buckets of fun. That’s why I keep coming back!

Fort Dodge grownups think reading is buckets of fun too. [...]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

We welcomed crowds at the Fort Dodge Public Library this morning with open arms.

They love me so much there they decided to paint my portrait.  I’m not so sure about my painters though…

The town insisted I stay until I told them the secret password.

Later, at the Algona Public Library, they rolled out the red carpet for me. 

We even had an ice cream social… on my head!

I was honored to have an autobiography written about me there too.  The book was appropriately entitled, “Funny Faces.”

Dan’s [...]


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