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Today, I performed my swan song at the Des Moines Public Library! Yes, that’s right, the 2015 Reading Road Trip is now over!

15,192 people attended my 71 story times this summer!

Thanks to all the kids, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, and babysitters who showed up for the fun. Oh, and I can’t forget all the day cares and summer camps that also attended!

Most of all, though, I’m thankful for all the librarians who let me stand tall next to [...]

Dinosaur Potion!

When I arrived at the Des Moines Public Library, one of their librarians was missing. I set off to locate her!

I finally found Miss Janee in her chemistry lab, mixing up a potion that she claimed would turn her into a dinosaur. She took a drink and nothing happened.

Oh wait, I guess something did happen after all! It worked!

That’s no fair! I wanted to be as tall as a dinosaur, too. According to their library chart, it appears that even [...]

The Day it Rained Shovels!

Perhaps I should not have stopped to take a drink from that broken water main on my way to the Coralville Public Library!

The construction workers attempting to fix the underground pipes were not amused.

However, it was easy to mend fences with them when I discovered it was a giant frog that was gumming up the plumbing! I coaxed him out with a friendly smooch and a promise of a fun story time!

And we definitely had a FUN story time!

Later in [...]

A Long Time Ago in a Library Far, Far Away…

“WHO-WHO-WHO” had fun at the Des Moines Public Library this morning?

Well, of course, lots of families had fun!

The librarians warned me about getting too close to any of the low-hanging stars!

Apparently, the cow that jumped over the moon doesn’t usually watch where he’s jumping. If you get too close to the stars and the moon you might get kicked!

Later in the day, there was a slight “disturbance in the Force” at the Milo Public Library.

However, it was nothing to be [...]

Don’t Touch that Fruit!

If you had trouble finding a parking spot next to the Ames Public Library today, this is the reason why!

The citizens of Ames love story time and they also love participating in the summer reading program!

After performing in front of such big crowds, I knew it was “time” for a quick break.

That’s right, it was time to kick back and have a story told to me by Smyles the library dog!

However, I couldn’t sit back and relax for long because [...]