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Welcome to Gotham City!

This morning, I thought I had control of the audience at the Davenport Public Library!

That’s when the librarians presented me with a Jurassic Park terrarium, and everything went haywire.

The kids immediately turned into mini-velociraptors! Each one wanted to steal my terrarium.

After some deep breathing exercises and thoughts of floating butterflies, we were able to calm everyone down!

Just to make sure I got out of there safely, I secretly booked a cab to take me to my second stop of the [...]

Where the Wild Things Aren’t!

The Davenport Public Library was a fantastic place to start my story times for the day!

Apparently, it was an awesome place to have a birthday party, too!

The party was cut short when we discovered evil robots were turning kids into frogs!

After chasing the robots off, we carefully turned all the frogs back into people by using the dangerously unstable science of DNA manipulation.

After a quick lunch at the Williamsburg Public Library cafeteria, it was time!

No, it wasn’t time [...]

A Mighty Storm?

This morning’s story time was so close to the river that I almost went fishing before my performance!

However, I don’t think the crowd at the Clinton Public Library would have appreciated it if I showed up smelling like fish!

And, I’m pretty sure the librarians would have put me in the doghouse if I tracked fish slime into their building!

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth would still have loved me though! They never get mad at anyone!

Later, at the Davenport Public Library, everyone [...]

Olympic Celebration!

This morning, I discovered the Washington Free Public Library has Olympic Fever!

They treated me as if I was the greatest Olympic athlete on the planet!

I wasn’t the only Healthy Hero in the building! The story time room was completely filled with Healthy Heroes!

However, there were a few who still needed my healthy message regarding portion size!

During my afternoon stop, I learned there was a new protector of the Davenport Public Library!

Don’t worry, Libby the Library Dog is still standing guard [...]

Something’s in the Air!

Today I celebrated this summer’s tenth Reading Road Trip stop in DeWitt with some of my favorite things. There were large crowds!

There were puppets, puppets, and more puppets!

There were lots of crazy hats!

There were even a couple cute rascals who watched a Reading Road Trip performance for the very first time.

Later that day, at the Davenport Public Library, it was “Bring Your Dog to Work Day!”

Strangely enough, it was also “Can Your Horse Jump Through a Hoop Day.”

It seemed [...]