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Wonder Woman Loves Mythology!

This morning we held story time at the Knights of Columbus building next to the Ottumwa Public Library! Part of the arrangement was that I had to help clean the windows!

We ended up handing out a lot of Official Superhero cards to a great group of kids!

Immediately following story time, I was invited to lead a meeting of local crime fighters!

After we had cleared up all the old and new business, it was time for me to set my sights [...]

Bandshell Park!

It’s tradition that the Ames Public Library holds my story time at Bandshell Park! This morning I had a host of volunteers ready to help me unpack!

I love performing outside because I can move in and out of the crowd with ease!

Plus, you never know when you might meet a family out walking their dogs!

I just wish I had a little more time after my performance to play around in the park for a bit!

My final story time of the [...]

Dan Wardell Recognition Day!

This morning, we cancelled my story times at the Fort Dodge Public Library and held an awards ceremony instead. As always, it was the billionaire inventor who took home all the trophies.

But, just when I thought I would walk away empty-handed, the librarians and the mayor presented me with a special proclamation!

I now have a day named after me in Fort Dodge! Life is good.

And, you won’t believe how many superheroes asked me to go with them to the after [...]

Batcave Found!

It pays to know the librarians at the Clive Public Library. They have some pretty impressive superhero connections!

In fact, the library staff were on a first-name basis with almost every superhero you could think of!

The only downside to having so many ties to the superhero world is when siblings fight over which hero is the strongest!

When disagreements like that break out, I like to keep my head down and stay out of it by signing autographs!

As I entered the Ericson [...]

Backpack Safety!

Backpacks are great for carrying books, lunch, school supplies, and even toys. But remember, you need to wear your backpack the correct way to be healthy and safe!