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The Day it Rained Shovels!

Perhaps I should not have stopped to take a drink from that broken water main on my way to the Coralville Public Library!

The construction workers attempting to fix the underground pipes were not amused.

However, it was easy to mend fences with them when I discovered it was a giant frog that was gumming up the plumbing! I coaxed him out with a friendly smooch and a promise of a fun story time!

And we definitely had a FUN story time!

Later in [...]

And the Final Number is 14,264!

Today marked the final day of the 2012 Reading Road Trip! It was the final day to save five little aliens!

It was the final day of making adults stand up and sing.

It was the final day of performing at libraries, big and small.

With such a packed morning and afternoon, I knew I needed to stay hydrated! I definitely need a bigger straw!

The crowds at the Coralville Public Library helped me kick off the day.

I wish it could have lasted longer, [...]

Underwater Adventure?

I’ve always wondered where the awesome fountain at the Coralville Public Library might lead.

A cool watery portal like that could lead me anywhere on the planet.

I wonder if it would lead me across the world to the Egyptian pyramids?

Too bad I’ll never find out. There was a merman with a pet shark blocking my way. Oh well, next year I’ll bring shark repellant.

I had to take a bike to my next stop at the Hiawatha Public Library. When I got [...]

Momma Frog and the Froglings!

The Coralville Public Library set a record for themselves this morning! Their crowds were bigger than at any other time that I’ve visited.

There was even one cool momma frog in the audience who seemed to have fun.

She brought all her baby froglings!

With five froglings, a stroller with two seats isn’t nearly enough!

All it took was a quick pony ride to get to the Newton Public Library.

Luckily, I do love outside story time in the warm summer weather.

The sun’s awesome powers [...]

Thanks for all the Festival Fun!

Festival is now a distant memory, but I’m still thankful for everyone who had fun with us in the IPTV Kids Clubhouse.

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With Festival over, that means it is time for me to start visiting libraries again! I’ve already visited the Sioux Center Public Library.

And the Hospers Public Library!

You never know who I might meet on my trip.  I might meet triplets.

I might meet human frogs.

I might even meet fellow super [...]