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The Sad Bodiless Robot!

Today, I was greeted into the Coralville Public Library by the most patriotic librarian you ever did see.

As usual, the crowds were full of energy and excitement!

I noticed that there was a sad bodiless robot in the crowd, so, afterwards I spent a few minutes to help him create a new exoskeleton.

Somehow, in the process of forging new robot parts, I accidentally altered the gravity in the room!

My next visit of the day was to the brand-new Cedar Rapids Public [...]

And the Final Number is 14,264!

Today marked the final day of the 2012 Reading Road Trip! It was the final day to save five little aliens!

It was the final day of making adults stand up and sing.

It was the final day of performing at libraries, big and small.

With such a packed morning and afternoon, I knew I needed to stay hydrated! I definitely need a bigger straw!

The crowds at the Coralville Public Library helped me kick off the day.

I wish it could have lasted longer, [...]

The Pink Vacuum!

This morning I found myself in West Liberty at the New Strand Movie Theater. However, it wasn’t to see Bridesmaids.

Because the city library couldn’t contain the big crowd, I performed story time up on stage in the theater, right where they usually show movies!

The acoustics in the room were just perfect for entertaining and there was even a piano so we could sing some show tunes.

Of course, a classy movie theater also means one thing: classy movie theater ushers!

Next it [...]

Who Let the Cows Out?

An empty library is a lot like a wide open pasture…

It’s filled with cows enjoying all the peace and quiet…

Until the cowboys and cowgirls open the gates…

And the crowd rushes in! Hooray to the Cedar Rapids Public Library! 552 people and several cows enjoyed story time today!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Always ask a cow permission before walking up to one for a free milk refill.

Rock Star!

Today I felt like a ROCK STAR!

Maybe it was because I had lots of help setting up story time at the Waterloo Public Library…

Maybe it was because I was given a free ride to the Cedar Rapids Public Library…

Maybe it was because we needed to keep the crowds back with gates…

And I do mean CROWDS!

And long lines, too!

I was even given a flower today by one of my biggest fans.

But we all know who the true rock star is: Your [...]