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National Drive Your Tractor to the Library Day!

Guess how I celebrated National Drive Your Tractor to the Library Day?

I learned that it is a little hard to find a parking spot for a tractor when the crowds at the Cedar Falls Public Library begin arriving at story time an hour before it starts!

And as you can imagine, with such a big crowd, the nearest place to park was a few blocks away!

Thankfully, the librarian made a few phone calls to some local super heroes and they helped [...]

Follow the Orange Brick Road!

One of my favorite parts of the Reading Road Trip is taking photos with all the wonderful families!

This morning, at the Cedar Falls Public Library, the families were not only wonderful, but, they were also very friendly!

I was delighted to spend a few minutes with a fellow LEGO maniac after my performances!

And, this is the first time I’ve ever climbed up a vine and took a warp cloud to my next city!

When I arrived at the Waverly Public Library, there [...]

Hero Headquarters!

They might be hard to spot, but there were super-heroes everywhere during my story time in Cedar Falls!

Some super-heroes are easy to identify because they have big muscles.

Also, super-heroes usually travel with a sidekick.

But remember, you don’t need to have super-strength to be a hero.

Firefighters, police officers, and librarians are heroes every day!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Eating radioactive cereal will not make you a super-hero. However, it will help you start the day with eight essential vitamins, minerals, [...]

First Contact!

There was a large gathering of people at the Cedar Falls Public Library this morning, but I don’t think they were there to see me.

Rumor had it an alien craft was scheduled to be passing by the city.

Using some makeshift radars we tried to flag down the spaceship.

I think we made FIRST CONTACT with a new species of alien!

Two years ago when I first visited the Vinton Public Library the town was surrounded with water. It would have made [...]

Mayors, Duplicates, and Ninjas!

Any time I have a chance to meet a mayor, I get excited.

I also jump at any chance I get to have my picture taken with a saxophone-playing frog!

But I couldn’t stay at the New Hampton Public Library for too long today.  I had to head off to my next stop.

Next, I was able to STOP and READ a little bit at the Cedar Falls Public Library.

It was so hard to stay focused with all those fun Legos to play with.

Cedar Falls is one [...]


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