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Slime Invasion!

How was I ever supposed to know that entering through the Burlington Public Library’s emergency exit would set off the slime trap? What an unpleasant start to my morning.

I guess next time I’ll seek out professional advice before opening unfamiliar doors.

After a quick shower, I was ready to present story time to a crowd full of eager adventurers.

But, what caught my eye the most in that audience full of excited kids? The cute little rascals who brought their pet armadillo [...]

Crazy Eyes!

This morning I had buckets, and shovels, of fun at the Burlington Public Library!

However, they had implemented some new rules since the last time I was there. One rule was that if you waited in line, you had to be friendly!

Speaking of lines, another rule was to never, ever cross the dreaded blue line!

And perhaps the most important rule of all was that no one could watch story time from the neighbor’s roof!

My second stop today was at the Opera [...]

Coming Soon!

The Burlington Public Library has been waiting all summer for me to visit!

People were already lined up and ready to enter the story time room when we arrived!

Some looked as if they were starstruck when they saw my cape!

I did my best to give them my finest performance so that I wouldn’t let them down!

It was a race to the Keosauqua Public Library for our second stop of the day!

It would have been difficult to fit any more people into [...]

Fly Your Flags High!

When I arrived at the Burlington Public Library this morning I was amazed to find these two kids with “I LOVE DAN” flags and pins.

As more people came in I discovered everyone had the flags and pins. Was this a coincidence?

After an extensive interview with the crowd I discovered the origin of these flattering trinkets.

The super-librarians, Angie and Debbie, had stayed up all night making them. After a quick nap they were as good as new!

Next, it was a [...]

The Evil Lord Sucker.

This morning at the Keokuk Public Library the kids arrived by the busload!

They love to listen to good stories there!

And they all sign up for the summer reading program.

42 cities into the Reading Road Trip and my Hypno-Shark is still holding up!

So is the Boomerang Barracuda.

My story time this afternoon was at the Burlington Public Library. Debbie Wagenbach, world famous author of The Grouchies, even showed up for the story.

So did Lord Sucker, Evil King of the Brain [...]