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850! KAPOW!

Today was certainly one for the record books! The patrons of the Kirkendall Public Library set a new Reading Road Trip record with 850 people attending story time.

All of the attendees were amazing and unique, of course, but four in particular hold a special place in my heart!

I was very excited to learn that Sergeant Spiketop, renowned superhero, was in the audience and that he thoroughly enjoyed the show!

1,000 kudos to all the Ankeny librarians and volunteers for knocking today’s [...]

A Man’s Home is His Castle!

Our vehicle broke down this morning on the way to the Allison Public Library! Of course, being a superhero, I did have a back-up plan to help make it the rest of the way!

Their library is surely one of the most colorful libraries that I’ve seen this summer!

Even their books are fancy colors!

For the most part, the crowd enjoyed story time, too! Well, except for the girl in the skull t-shirt.

Next, we zipped back to the town where I [...]

The Yellow Button!

There are few libraries in Iowa that love trains more than the Ericson Public Library in Boone!

What I didn’t realize was that they also really love dinosaurs!

Wait a second! They love dinosaurs and they also love trains? When I asked if anyone loves Dinosaur Train, lots of hands went up!

And speaking of dinosaurs, a brontosaurus accidentally stepped on my friend’s foot. She didn’t hold a grudge though. If you’re going to visit the doctor for a broken foot, you might [...]

Darth Vader Strikes!

I had hoped this morning’s story times at the Johnston Public Library would go smoothly.

But, my nose sensed there was something that “smelled” a little strange. I was certain it was the exhaust from a Star Destroyer.

I was right! Darth Vader had landed in the library and was looking for a duel!

Luckily, he was no match for a Jedi such as myself. I had three great options for flying to my second stop of the day!

There were many familiar faces [...]

Oooooooh! Shiny!

I had the honor of performing in front of huge crowds today, especially in Ankeny!

The Ankeny Public Library always has a way of drawing in the kids. It is probably because they have lots of prizes you can sign up for during their summer reading program.

One of their grand prizes is even lunch and story time with me!

I know who I would really love to have lunch with someday. That’s right, my friends Sherry and Kelly!

I was the [...]