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Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

My first triple-header of the summer kicked off this morning at the Clear Lake Public Library!

They have a new children’s librarian who is as tall and as strong as a water tower!

After story time, I helped a fellow superhero save some poor, defenseless marsh turtles!

And, since I was in Clear Lake, I just had to spend a few minutes having some fun at the local beach!

My second event of the day was a visit to the Algona Public Library!

I [...]

Real or Imaginary?

This afternoon I wasn’t sure if things were real or imaginary at the Iowa Falls Public Library. Was this a real or imaginary penguin?

Was this a real or imaginary tiger?

Was this a real or imaginary grandma?

One thing was for certain: all the fun we had was REAL!

The Algona Public Library reminded me of one very important water fact! There has been no rain on my trip for at least two days!

The sunny weather brought the Algonians out in [...]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

We welcomed crowds at the Fort Dodge Public Library this morning with open arms.

They love me so much there they decided to paint my portrait.  I’m not so sure about my painters though…

The town insisted I stay until I told them the secret password.

Later, at the Algona Public Library, they rolled out the red carpet for me. 

We even had an ice cream social… on my head!

I was honored to have an autobiography written about me there too.  The book was appropriately entitled, “Funny Faces.”

Dan’s [...]