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Gargantuan Googly Eye!

A stormy Monday morning is the perfect time to READ at the Cedar Rapids Public Library!


I kept the audience calm as nasty weather passed through the area. I even taught the group a few surfboarding moves just in case the rainwater got a little too high!


The new library is filled with the finest technology and architecture known to mankind, but, what impressed me even more was this industrial-sized googly eye!


Good fortune found me as I was able to catch a ride with an elephant caravan that was heading toward my next location!


The Garrison Public Library also is enjoying the benefits of a new library, although, their’s isn’t quite finished yet!


Luckily, they have a skilled band of superhero volunteers waiting to help at a moment’s notice!


The swords and shields had to come out for a bit during story time when a supervillian surprised us with a visit!


With a little teamwork we took care of the problem, and even got the bad guy some quality reading material for his ambulance ride!


Finally, my escapades took me to the Hawkins Memorial Library in La Porte City!


The critics there are tough, and only gave me a two-star rating for my performance!


Afterwards, the Brainy-Specs Club taught me a new way to display their Superhero Cards!


Not to be outdone, the Sticky-Forehead Club proved you don’t need glasses to perform a parlor trick!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If you are going to wear a white suit or dress, please do not order the chili cheesedog for lunch!

The Catwoman Gang!

I’ve been telling kids all summer that every hero has a story, but, we also need to remember every hero needs a library card!


Library cards come with great responsibility at the Mason City Public Library! If your books get returned late, the librarians have been known to extend their claws!


I was appreciative that so many excited families showed up to the library on such a beautiful day!


Even a superhero grandpa attended the show with his “Never Fear, Grandpa is Here” t-shirt!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never fly a kite too close to a black hole!

Just a Little Bit Taller…

Today, the Incredible Hulk made a surprise visit to my morning story time at the Madrid Public Library! He sure is big!


I may never grow tall enough to match the big green guy’s height, but if I stand on my tippytoes, I’m almost as tall as Captain America!


For a second, I thought I was seeing double when I met not one, but two, Batmen! The only way to tell them apart was by the teddy bear!


During story time, Spider-man learned that even though he wore a costume, he still needed to raise his hand before I would call on him!


Later, I brought learning and laughter to the Gilbert Public Library!


One of the droids in the audience didn’t think I was a very good entertainer, so, we ended up agreeing to disagree!


I was not surprised to discover that some Wild Kratts fans were checking out a book about rescuing endangered species!


Finally, the librarians helped me answer that age-old question, “How do superheroes get their capes to be all those wonderful colors!”


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: A pineapple is a very ineffective tool to use when changing a carburetor.

Superpooch to the Rescue!

I always run on the treadmill for eight miles every day before story time!


It’s the only way to keep my strength and stamina up for the summer’s trip.


During my morning visit to the Griswold Public Library, they allowed me to enter their top-secret reading cave!


While there, I met an amazing superpooch named Hope. Talk about a true four-legged hero!


I was only a hot-air balloon ride away from the Red Oak Public Library. The flying elephant we encountered only slowed us down by a few minutes!


We had to do a little re-arranging to make room for the crowd. Luckily, we had some strong helpers.


As story time began, I realized that my tale might be a little too intense for a certain someone in the back.


Afterwards, it was up, up, and away. Tomorrow we do it all again!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Monkeys and jetpacks are only a good combination if you are trying to destroy a city!

A Royal Wedding!

It’s been a few years, but today we finally returned to the Bedford Public Library!


I had to clear out of the room immediately after story time. A royal bear wedding was taking place later in the day.


Rumor had it the Queen Mother might even show up for the ceremony.


While the bear family took a limousine off to their fancy honeymoon, I was stuck with a cab. And, as always, I had to sit in the back seat to leave room for the REAL superheroes!


The Matilda J. Gibson Memorial Library in Creston made me feel pretty special by putting my name up on the big billboard!


The kids in town take protecting their librarian very seriously!


With such excellent superhero protection, I could perform my story time with peace of mind.


Although, I’ve got to be honest and admit I’m jealous that the castle they have in the library is much bigger than the castle I use in my story time!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Macaroni and cheese is always a healthier choice than macaroni and yard rakes.