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The Interdimensional Rip!

This morning, several people at the Marion Public Library asked me how it is that I can get kids to line up with enthusiasm to check out books?


Some people think it is via some type of swirly-lined hypnosis trick, but no, if you simply ask kids to read, they’ll read!


After story time I had a chance to meet the most depressed hamster in the world. She was sad because no one had filled up her kiddie pool.


After a quick phone call to the local bucket brigade, we had that pool full of water in no time!


I was greeted by two wacky scientists at my first afternoon stop at the Independence Public Library! They mistakenly thought I was a bike rider who was a week early for RAGBRAI.


As I thought about it, I’m not sure why the scientific community would be so excited about a bunch of cyclists coming through town.


Unless, of course, they were mad scientists, bent on turning all the visitors to the town into cake pans! You read about that stuff happening in the news all the time, but you never think it could happen to you!


Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to spend on such speculation! The crowd was ready for story time and there were tons of eager volunteers!


As I headed to my final stop of the day, which was also my hometown, I drove through some type of interdimensional rip in time. I quickly realized I had somehow aged 25 years or so. Luckily the effects were temporary.


Speaking of time travel, my fellow members of the Class of ‘94 agreed that even though we hadn’t changed, the town sure had upgraded the bathrooms in the Maynard Community Hall!


For old times’ sake, the town elders were even brave enough to let me ascend up the stairs toward the famous Community Hall stage!


Once there, I couldn’t help but sing a few show tunes with Miss Lezlie from the Maynard Public Library!

Maynard Two

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: A meatball with a teaspoon of lava in the center is the very definition of “that’s a spicy meatball!”

The “New” City Council!

I graduated from Wartburg College in 1998. This morning I found myself just a few blocks down the road at the Waverly Public Library.


To say that the kids in the audience were feisty is an understatement!


I thought story time would be the most exciting happening of the day, but my young friend Xavier was even more excited to be checking out the final book in the Percy Jackson series.


Of course, how could I leave town without playing a gigantic game of Angry Birds? Why is it I am always left holding the pig?


Next, it was story time at the Evansdale Public Library where the event was held in the city council chambers! I even got to meet the mayor!


I let a little bit of the power of being in an important place go to my head and appointed a brand new city council!


As it turns out, my appointments weren’t exactly legal, and I had to calm down the citizens before a riot started!


I guess I should just stick to my day job and leave the life of politics to the grown-ups!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If there are tentacles growing out of your shoes, then stinky socks are the least of your worries.

Follow Those Balloons!

This morning I discovered the members of the Whiting Public Library Board bake some of the finest cookies in the state.


When an event features quality baked goods, there is bound to be a crowd!


I tried as best as I could to keep everyone focused on my antics during story time.


Then, afterwards we dug into the refreshments just before heading off to our next stop.


It wasn’t very difficult to find our way to the Cushing Public Library.


Every kid in town was waiting for me when I got there.


Some in the crowd were absolutely mesmerized by my fanciful tale of superheroes and princesses!


I, however, was the one who was mesmerized by their amazing mural on the wall!


I simply followed the balloons to my final stop at the Charter Oak Public Library.


One of the patrons was a little upset when he discovered the balloons weren’t intended for him!


You’d think that after a triple-header on a Friday afternoon I might be exhausted!


But, no! Next week I’ll be ready for the final two weeks of the Reading Road Trip!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never try the ole’ “Uranium in Dad’s Sock Trick” unless you want to be grounded for a really long time!

The Forbidden Basketballs!

This morning was a beautifully sunny way to start the day’s triple-header!


300 people came out to celebrate fun and adventure at the Sioux Center Public Library!


Three of those three hundred included a local mad scientist and her two lab assistants!


I wish I could have stayed longer to learn a new wacky experiment or two, but I had to set sail for my next location!


The Akron Public Library was my second stop of the day. The town is home to Dr. Manufacto R. Creatinski. The R stands for ROBOTOSAURUS!


In addition to giant robots, he is the inventor of the incredibly useful paper-eating robot!


And, few know this, but Dr. Creatinski is also credited with inventing bowling with fruits and vegetables!


I got so wrapped up in a few games of bowling that I was going to be late for my last stop of the day. Luckily, the librarians let me borrow their fastest jet pack, and I was off!


My final destination was the Alta Community Library. We held story time in the high school gym, but unfortunately they had the basketballs locked up so I couldn’t shoot any hoops.


I think the balls were in lock-down so they wouldn’t accidentally bounce off these spiky heads and pop.


However, the hula hoops were freely available, and we hula hooped until just seconds before story time.


Once 4:00 hit, it was time to put the toys away, and to weave one final story time full of magic and wonder for the day!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Unfortunately, a tuning fork will not help a walrus sing opera!

Undesirable Number Four!

Over the years, I’ve seen some unusual things at the Sibley Public Library. However, I’ve never seen a WANTED poster!


After doing some research with one of the town’s most brilliant literary geniuses, we discovered an Undesirable had somehow taken up residence in the library.


We searched high and low for any sign of this super-villain!


Rumor has it she had infiltrated the ranks of the librarians themselves, but as far as I could tell, all the staff looked normal to me!


It was a journey from one mystery to the next as the librarian from the Ocheyedan Public Library gave me a white rock when I arrived.


The gift might have been because we held story time at the Ocheyedan Mound instead of the library.


It is tradition that people hike up the massive mound and construct words out of rocks. Look, there’s an IPTV formed from little white stones.


Actually, the little white stones weren’t so little, and, it was a long way up the hill!


Fortunately, after all that hiking, the librarians at the George Public Library had some cool refreshing water to share with me. Well, I think it was water…


The only mystery in their library was the surprise of what was contained in the summer reading gift bags!


Story time was held later than usual, and most of the audience fell asleep because of missing their afternoon naps!


Luckily, not everyone dozed off!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never attempt to use an elephant’s trunk to inflate a flat tire unless you plan on tipping him well.

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