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The Fremont County Fair!

This morning, I came to the realization that waiting in line for story time is much more enjoyable than waiting in line to get your license renewed.


After my visit to the Council Bluffs Public Library, the future mayor gave me a tour of city hall!


The librarians made sure I had a healthy lunch packed to help me finish off my week!


I was also honored to have a couple superheroes escort me to my afternoon location!


The Sidney Public Library decided the best place for story time would be at the Fremont County Fair!


It was warm, but thankfully there was a little shade to keep us cool!


Some lemonade also made the heat and humidity a bit more tolerable!


As always, I made sure to clean up after myself at the end of the show!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: If purple penguins keep popping up in your toilet, the odds of a dimensional wormhole being located in your bathroom are very high!

Ducks, Eat Your Grapes!

This morning, the Pella Public Library helped fill an auditorium full of enthusiastic families!


It’s easy to see why the town gets so excited about their library! One of the first summer reading prizes kids can earn is actually a superhero cape!


The offer of a free cape is so enticing, some kids even travel from Japan to participate. This particular family was so impressed by my performance, they even gave me a few shells from their home country!


Afterwards, we visited the local canal and fed some of the friendly neighborhood ducks!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: A humid, alligator-filled swamp is an unwise location to store your comic book collection!


It appeared that this morning would be a normal day at the Newton Public Library. That’s when Pete the Cat showed up looking for some superhero help!


A giant mechanical lizard was roaming the countryside just looking for trouble!


A few well-placed BAMS helped focus his efforts on the power to READ instead of the power to EAT!


Remember, kids, there is only a few days left to earn your Official Superhero cards during the 2015 Reading Road Trip!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Using “lost in the stratosphere” as an excuse to why your homework isn’t done only works if you are a pilot.

Freezing or Roasting?

The Cedar Falls Public Library is located right next door to the Community Center! That’s where we held story time this morning!


Of course, that meant we could play a few games of pool between the two shows!


My visit was also used by the city to perfect their crowd control skills. Next week they host RAGBRAI, and their streets will be filled with bikes of every shape and size!


When the flood of bikers arrives, everyone should practice the universal list of superhero rules at all times to maintain order and peace!


By the time my afternoon story times began, the Marion Public Library had thankfully switched the temperature in the room from roasting to freezing.


A little guy in red pajamas makes sure every guest at the library is as comfortable as can be.


An esteemed team member from The Odd Squad was in attendance and made sure that everything in my performance was mathematically correct.


Before leaving, I wished the patrons good luck with their highly competitive summer reading raffle. The big drawing is almost here!


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: July is way too early to starting thawing out the Thanksgiving Turkey!

A Tropical Heatwave!

Last night, I gazed into my magic crystal ball and foresaw that the weather today would be very uncomfortable!


Luckily, that didn’t stop people from coming out to the Marshalltown Public Library for story time!


A well-placed Christmas tree helped everyone keep cool thoughts on their minds!


However, it appears that today is just the first day of this tropical heatwave! We’re going to have to keep ourselves shielded from the sun for the foreseeable future.


Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Just because someone accidentally left the keys in the bulldozer doesn’t mean you should attempt to take it for a joyride!