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Dinosaur Potion!

When I arrived at the Des Moines Public Library, one of their librarians was missing. I set off to locate her!

I finally found Miss Janee in her chemistry lab, mixing up a potion that she claimed would turn her into a dinosaur. She took a drink and nothing happened.

Oh wait, I guess something did happen after all! It worked!

That’s no fair! I wanted to be as tall as a dinosaur, too. According to their library chart, it appears that even [...]

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I should have known there would be trouble when this morning started out so hot!

Luckily, story time at the Atlantic Public Library was nice and cool.

There are three things they love to do there: read, read, and read!

Even the librarians and volunteers love to read, read, read!

My afternoon at the Winterset Public Library seemed to be going well, too!

My Superfans were there in full force!

And some old friends even showed up to surprise me.

All the people there were certainly creative!

Especially [...]