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Slime Invasion!

How was I ever supposed to know that entering through the Burlington Public Library’s emergency exit would set off the slime trap? What an unpleasant start to my morning.

I guess next time I’ll seek out professional advice before opening unfamiliar doors.

After a quick shower, I was ready to present story time to a crowd full of eager adventurers.

But, what caught my eye the most in that audience full of excited kids? The cute little rascals who brought their pet armadillo [...]

Only in America!

Today’s story time in Bettendorf was Dantastic!

Gigantic groups of people showed up, all wearing purple shirts like me!

So many friends came to story time that we needed to provide crossing signals.

Even Clifford the Big Red Dog stopped by for the fun.

My afternoon story time took me “Around the World” to the Wilton Public Library!

The event was going great until the crowd started to panic and pointed up into the sky!

It was a pack of dragons and they nearly attacked the [...]