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Where the Wild Things Aren’t!

The Davenport Public Library was a fantastic place to start my story times for the day!

Apparently, it was an awesome place to have a birthday party, too!

The party was cut short when we discovered evil robots were turning kids into frogs!

After chasing the robots off, we carefully turned all the frogs back into people by using the dangerously unstable science of DNA manipulation.

After a quick lunch at the Williamsburg Public Library cafeteria, it was time!

No, it wasn’t time [...]

So Long 2009!

In 2009 I was welcomed into all kinds of amazing schools!

Some welcomes were a little more unusual than others.

I spent time with a lot of old friends and frogs.

I even reunited with some old high school classmates.

Our hair had changed a lot over the years.

I travelled to schools big and small.

And some students came to IPTV to see the sights and sounds.

Even aliens decided to pay me a visit in 2009!¬† Let’s hope 2010 is just as much fun!

Dan’s Wise Advice [...]