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Robot Dans!

This morning, the Kendall Young Public Library in Webster City was invaded by an army of robots that were programmed to look just like me!

I wasn’t sure if the robots were good or evil, so I warned everyone to take shelter wherever they could find it!

I asked some fellow superheroes to help me stop the army of dopplegangers!

We were successful, and now have Dan robot heads for sale. They’re only a dollar a piece!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day: Never, [...]

Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit!

Ribbit! Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Ribbit, ribbit!Oh, whoops! Sorry! I’m still trying to clear a “frog” out of my throat.You see, I met a Fairy Princess yesterday that hadn’t quite perfected all her spells!

But before I got myself “frog-ified”,I had morning story times at the Webster City Public Library.It’s the perfect place to read, rain or shine!

Somehow I ended up with a porcupine puppet on my head!

I also had the honor of hearing an original poem writtenand read by [...]