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College of our Brightest Days!

Today was story time at the Waverly Public Library, so, I had to make sure I didn’t have a single hair out of place!

I needed to look my best because Waverly is also the home of Wartburg College! I knew that some of my fellow Wartburg classmates might show up and want to sing the Loyalty Song! I was right.

It has been so long since I’ve graduated, that now almost EVERYONE has kids!

And, as an awesome bonus, the librarians printed [...]

Follow the Orange Brick Road!

One of my favorite parts of the Reading Road Trip is taking photos with all the wonderful families!

This morning, at the Cedar Falls Public Library, the families were not only wonderful, but, they were also very friendly!

I was delighted to spend a few minutes with a fellow LEGO maniac after my performances!

And, this is the first time I’ve ever climbed up a vine and took a warp cloud to my next city!

When I arrived at the Waverly Public Library, there [...]

I Do Love a Good Swing Set!

Yesterday morning’s story time wasn’t in the Waverly Public Librarybut in the elementary school building next door!

That’s because the floods had relocatedWaverly City Hall to the library’s story time room!

Of course, that meant we got to play on all the school’s playground equipment!

My favorite part was the swing set!

The Iowa Falls Public Library had swings outside too,but they were tougher to swing on!

I quickly learned that everyone in Iowa Falls loves to read!

Even these two octopus brothers!

And after story time? [...]

Hooked on Reading!

Wow, was yesterday packed with fun!Here’s how the day ended.

But the day started out in a very crowded Charles City Public Library.

Of course, there were puppets so we could tell the story of the doctor and the shark.

But this is the first stop where there was a tree IN the library instead of out.

Next it was off to the town where I went to college, Waverly.

Grant Price, one of my professors from Wartburg, showed up to story time.Luckily, he didn’t [...]


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