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It’s hard to believe, but every year the Decorah Public Library allows me to perform story time in their Adult Reading Lounge! This morning was no different!

The upper level is also home to fancy museum-quality art! There, you can stare all you want, just as long as you don’t touch.

The best part of being in the grown-up section of the library is that it is easy to find dads willing to groove out.

Perhaps the theme for this summer should [...]

What a Furry Crowd!

The Elkader Public Library is always open for business when I come to town!

Kids, kids-at-heart, and babies-at-heart all enjoyed participating in the show this morning!

One particular super-hero had an awesome cape with the letter W on it! W is my favorite letter because my last name starts with it!

I soon found out she wasn’t the only one wearing the letter W to celebrate my arrival! Every kid had one. I felt like king of the W club!

Later in the day, [...]