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Karen Meet Sharon!

I always enjoy my visit to the Hampton Public Library. It truly is a land of chirping birds, playful animals, and fluttering butterflies…

And then, there are these two guys. They’re known as Crusher and Smasher, the town bodyguards!

With such amazing protection, I could easily deliver an incredible experience for the whole family to share!

I’m fully aware that sometimes I talk so fast during story time, that only the quickest of the quick can keep up!

Coincidentally, the Winthrop Public Library has [...]

Animals Everywhere!

Recently my travels took me to the amazing city of Alton.

I was shocked to find that they let cows in their library.

I guess anything goes there!  They even let me go behind the librarians desk.

Busloads of students came to visit me at the Anamosa Public Library.

It was a packed story time.  Just the way I like it.

Hmmm, more livestock in the library. 

But then again, if frogs have rights, so should barnyard animals.

We’re getting closer and closer to the holidays.

That means you [...]