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Breaker, Breaker, Good Buddy!

Today, the Independence Public Library welcomed me to the town by putting my name in lights!

The librarians had been doing their research and had uncovered my secret love of big rigs! Because of this, they let me drive around the block in the Digital Bookmobile!

Story time did go on as we had planned, with high-fives, hugs, and photos after the show!

Before I left, I was even given a thank-you card from one of the area’s finest crime fighters!

My second event [...]

Mister and Miss Squirt!

It appeared this morning would be just another normal visit to the Waterloo Public Library.

However, I noticed a few of the kids seemed to be infected with some kind of aggressive brain fungus.

After a quick search, I located the source of the infection. The librarians had not cleaned their fish tank in a long time, and mutated slime was growing out of it.

No one needed to panic because I had a plan! A few well-placed bags of flaming destruction [...]

The Return of the Babysitter!

I can’t believe it took seven weeks, but today I finally had the opportunity to sign my first cast of the summer.

I wasn’t too surprised it happened, though. I had a hunch that, after doing enough story times, my lucky number would finally come up!

The Waterloo Public Library does a fantastic job turning their building into a summer reading paradise, complete with giant vine pillars.

And, if you are lucky, you can even help decorate by drawing on the walls. Just [...]

The Carnival is in Town!

The final day of this week’s Reading Road Trip adventure started at the Waterloo Public Library.

I was honored to have an official IPTV Kids Clubhouse member attend the show!

After the performance, I hopped aboard an alien spaceship to fly to my next destination!

On the way, I flew a little too close to a cow jumping over the moon and my ship was damaged!

I was forced to crash the spacehip into the Jesup Public Library and, because of the damage, we [...]

After-Hours Tubing!

This morning, at the Waterloo Public Library, we prepared for the masses by providing special stroller parking.

There was a small army in attendance for story time, and you know what that means! I had the pleasure of giving out countless high-fives!

I was surprised that a giant space tuna popped in to watch for a little bit.

It turns out he wasn’t actually there for story time. Instead, he was hunting for some bugs for lunch!

In the afternoon, I discovered that the [...]