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If you’re going to visit the Burlington Public Library, you might consider traveling there via the PAGE TURNIN’, FUEL BURNIN’, BOOK MOBILE!

I didn’t realize it, but that’s the alternate vehicle Batman uses when the Batmobile is being repaired!

After story time, I ran into the Supergirl sisters. One of them recently had an unfortunate encounter with a grouchy walrus, and she had to be patched up a bit.

However, no one needs to fear any longer, Spiderman is on patrol!

Later, when I [...]

Fly Your Flags High!

When I arrived at the Burlington Public Library this morning I was amazed to find these two kids with “I LOVE DAN” flags and pins.

As more people came in I discovered everyone had the flags and pins. Was this a coincidence?

After an extensive interview with the crowd I discovered the origin of these flattering trinkets.

The super-librarians, Angie and Debbie, had stayed up all night making them. After a quick nap they were as good as new!

Next, it was a [...]

New Record for Story Time!

New record alert! New record alert!Yesterday morning we set a new record for a single story timewhen a crowd of 321 showed up at the Iowa City Public Library!

I was so worn out afterwards I took a nap!

I dreamt I was in the land of the dinosaurs and dragons!

Next I dreamt I was playing basketball with the planet earth!

I woke up just in time to get to my second stop, Muscatine!There I discovered some buried treasure!

I used my new [...]