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I’m Trying to be Serious!

My first stop today was at the Ackley Public Library. The town is famous for their Sauerkraut Days, but they are also big fans of sweet corn, too!

There was a bit of construction going on at the library! Bulldozers and road signs were everywhere!

All of the building improvements were to make the library “Clifford Accessible!”

And, yet again, this morning’s audience reminded me that every time I’m trying to be serious, they think I’m trying to be hilarious. I don’t know [...]

It’s Time to Celebrate!

In April, Iowa had lots of fun moving and reading!This May, Iowa is having fun by hiking to the library!

And in certain towns, I’m waiting to surprise the eager hikers!

April went by so fast! It seems like just yesterdayI was shooting some new Healthy Minutes!

And it seems like just yesterday I met Miss Rosa!

I even squeezed in a few extra story times in April too!

I have the best job in the world!

Everywhere I go there is fun to be [...]