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Shiver Me Timbers!

Today, my first stop was at the Spencer Public Library. It’s a famous library because it used to be the home of Dewey the Cat!

Reportedly, the library has been having some mice problems now that Dewey is gone. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so many rodents if the librarians didn’t leave out big blocks of cheese!

Reviews for my story time were mixed. Some people were surprised at how entertaining it was! Others were completely confused by my antics!

A spooky pirate captain [...]

Where Has Dan Wardell Been?

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

It’s been a busy few weeks! I milked a cow at Heartland Acres!

I took a ride on Thomas the Train!

Clifford and I had a blast at the Clay County Fair!

I saved a giant snapping turtle crossing the road!

And I even went fishing with my great friend Lucy!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:If you buy a fancy watch and walk backwards,you can not travel through time!

The Plot Thickens!

As I arrived at the Spencer Public Library yesterdayeveryone was smiling, but there was a big problem!

It appears a fierce dragon had stolen the town’s precious sweet corn!

It was a case for the super detective,Dan Wardell, and his assistant, Sherlock Holmes!

The clues led us on a flight to the Cherokee Public Library!

There I was fortunate enough to be escortedby two professional sweet corn finders!

They quickly helped me discover the sweet corn wizardsand helped me recover the sweet corn!

My reward? [...]

Birthday Monday 9-17-2007 and the Clay County Fair!

Happy Birthday to all of these fabulous Kids Club Members!

Last Friday, Clifford and I visited our friends at the Clay County Fair in Spencer!

And did we have fun? You better believe it!

I even met a real life cowboy: Walt Hackney from IPTV’s Market to Market!

My great friend Gloria from Spencer drew me a picture of Caillou with a wig on!

Here’s some video of our adventures!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:When digging holes, always watch out for underground pipesand [...]