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The Fremont County Fair!

This morning, I came to the realization that waiting in line for story time is much more enjoyable than waiting in line to get your license renewed.

After my visit to the Council Bluffs Public Library, the future mayor gave me a tour of city hall!

The librarians made sure I had a healthy lunch packed to help me finish off my week!

I was also honored to have a couple superheroes escort me to my afternoon location!

The Sidney Public Library [...]

A Few Days Off?

Reviews were mixed this morning for my performances at the Council Bluffs Public Library!

Perhaps I’m losing my storytelling powers. Maybe I should take a few days off and go fishing.

If I go fishing I should probably go camping, too!

And, if I go camping I should probably roast marshmallows!

During the afternoon, I took a flight on a butterfly and flew to the Sidney Public Library.

When you arrive by butterfly you probably should plan on reporters showing up to ask questions!

I wondered [...]

Try Not to Spill on the Cape!

When I pulled into the Sidney Public Library this morning I was greeted by Evelyn Birkby, a true SUPERSTAR in the community.

As I entered the library I thought I had been transported to this summer’s new Pixar movie, “BRAVE!”

I’ve discovered through my travels that sometimes the smallest audience members have the most energy!

I built up a big appetite after my morning story times! Usually, my “hunger games” happen while eating in the car as I rush off to my next [...]

The Gift of Pillows!

I wasn’t sure anybody would show up to yesterday’s story times at theSidney Public Library because I thought they might all be at the rodeo!

But lots of families showed up to enjoy my show!

Some of the cowboys and cowgirls actually triedto “rope” me into coming back next year!

Even the librarian tried to convince me to come backby offering me some complimentary pillows!

No time for pillows, though! I had to convince this cab driverto rush me off to story time [...]