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Undesirable Number Four!

Over the years, I’ve seen some unusual things at the Sibley Public Library. However, I’ve never seen a WANTED poster!

After doing some research with one of the town’s most brilliant literary geniuses, we discovered an Undesirable had somehow taken up residence in the library.

We searched high and low for any sign of this super-villain!

Rumor has it she had infiltrated the ranks of the librarians themselves, but as far as I could tell, all the staff looked normal to me!

It was [...]

Disappointed Baby is Disappointed!

It just so happens that I got a little lost on my way to the Sibley Public Library this morning!

I was pretty worried because if I was late, the librarian would have surely turned me into a puppet!

I would have really hated to not be able to help all those kids Dig into Reading!

Fortunately, I found my way to the library just in time to share a story!

I had a much easier time finding my way to the Newell Public [...]

A Surly Mountain Goat!

There was quite a colorful welcome for me at the Sibley Public Library this morning!

It’s the only library in Iowa that has a “Read to Your Neighborhood Lightning Bug” program.

The librarians and I put on a puppet show for the kids. Why do I always get stuck playing the part of the tree?

I borrowed their spaceship and zoomed off to my next location!

This afternoon was the first time I had ever been to the Lake Park Public Library!

Booker, their [...]