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Disappointed Baby is Disappointed!

It just so happens that I got a little lost on my way to the Sibley Public Library this morning!

I was pretty worried because if I was late, the librarian would have surely turned me into a puppet!

I would have really hated to not be able to help all those kids Dig into Reading!

Fortunately, I found my way to the library just in time to share a story!

I had a much easier time finding my way to the Newell Public [...]

A Surly Mountain Goat!

There was quite a colorful welcome for me at the Sibley Public Library this morning!

It’s the only library in Iowa that has a “Read to Your Neighborhood Lightning Bug” program.

The librarians and I put on a puppet show for the kids. Why do I always get stuck playing the part of the tree?

I borrowed their spaceship and zoomed off to my next location!

This afternoon was the first time I had ever been to the Lake Park Public Library!

Booker, their [...]


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