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F-U-N Spells Fun!

Duck and I had a wonderful time at the Blank Park Zoo this weekend!

We saw lots of smiling faces!

We watced future Rembrandts in action!

 We had fun with all the PBS Kids!

Thanks to everyone who brought out the entire family to IPTV Day at the Blank Park Zoo!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Remember, if you’re brave enough to lasso it, you’d better be brave enough to take the lasso back off!

The 2009 Reading Road Trip!

The 2009 Reading Road Trip is almost here! Click here to check out my list of stops!

Dan’s Wise Advice of the Day:
Taffy can be laughy, but, get it caught in the hair of an angry yak and you won’t be laughing. Trust me.

My Travels Continue!

I continue to travel around the state to meet and congratulate all the Healthy Hikers!

I’ve been handing out a lot of certificates!

I’ve been handing out a lot of jump ropes!

Of course, I’ve been handing out a lot of silliness too!

In some places, even the mayor has shown up to be a part of the fun!

Keep an eye out, my travels aren’t over yet!  You never know when I might show up in your town!

Here’s some fabulous art from my adventures!

I’m [...]

It’s Time to Celebrate!

In April, Iowa had lots of fun moving and reading!This May, Iowa is having fun by hiking to the library!

And in certain towns, I’m waiting to surprise the eager hikers!

April went by so fast! It seems like just yesterdayI was shooting some new Healthy Minutes!

And it seems like just yesterday I met Miss Rosa!

I even squeezed in a few extra story times in April too!

I have the best job in the world!

Everywhere I go there is fun to be [...]

Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s right! Today is my birthday!

How cool, I received some balloons!

And, of course, took a ride on the birthday pony!

To celebrate my birthday in your town,I hope everyone gets up to dance!

Or better yet, share a story with a friend!

On my birthday I’m thankful that towns all acrossIowa are having fun with the Healthy Hike!

Kids are reading more than ever!

Kids are moving more than ever!

And yes, I’m still making surprise visits to schools and libraries!

Who knows when I might [...]